Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Reports - State and Federal Communications

Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Reports

No one could have seen this pandemic coming. When it became clear what was happening, State and Federal Communications jumped into action. We implemented COVID-19 precautions, adapted to work-at-home models, distributed personal protective equipment, and got to work. With skill and ingenuity, our staff forged ahead giving the highest level of service to our clients throughout 2020.

It might have been easier to get through this by just looking out for ourselves, but we took a good look around our community and we saw daunting challenges. We saw a record number of people showing up in queues to receive food and a record number of people calling hotlines for rent and mortgage assistance. It has been a humanitarian crisis.

The unprecedented challenges brought things into clear focus and we stepped up in unprecedented ways. Thank you for your interest in our CSR program. Be sure to explore the CSR 2020 Annual Report for the full story.