Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Reports - State and Federal Communications

Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Reports

2022 CSR Annual Report

There is no quick path to a successful CSR program. It takes culture-building, determination, and accountability. It takes everybody on the team. As you will see in this report, State and Federal Communications has a long history of corporate philanthropy, community engagement, and sustainability. Even I am surprised at the number of years we have been active in CSR.

What drives our CSR efforts over the long-term? It is not sentimentality; it comes from somewhere else. We find the vision and determination in our core. I think of it as strategic optimism. We know we have a key role to play in our community, to be a good citizen and neighbor. Most of all, we care.

We care about our work. We care about our community. We care about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Doing the right thing is just good business… and we’re not done yet!

Most Sincerely,

President and CEO
State and Federal Communications