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We are a company that is unique and valued in our field. We are experts in lobbying compliance laws, political contribution compliance laws, and procurement lobbying compliance laws. We are a company with a strong commitment to helping our clients comply with these state and federal laws and regulations.

From the CEO

Photo of CEO Elizabeth Bartz

When the original company started in 1976 providing compliance publications services on State Lobbying Laws and also on Political Contributions, it opened a new frontier for access to information in these key fields. Today, our compliance information is instant, with on-line and up-to-date information provided on our website each day for our clients.

The future is exciting. We continue our long-standing relationships with our existing clients, many whom we have served for more than 30 years, and look forward to working with new clients that are just learning about our array of services.

Elizabeth Z. Bartz
President and CEO
State and Federal Communications, Inc.


Timeline of key dates during State and Federal Communications’ history. Click each date in the slideshow to see major accomplishments in the State and Federal Communications history.