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Thursday’s LobbyComply News Roundup

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Campaign Finance

National: “Elections Commission Chief Uses the ‘Nuclear Option’ to Rescue the Agency from Gridlock” by Nihal Krishan for Mother Jones

California: “L.A. Ethics Commission Backs New Restrictions on Developer Donations” by Emily Alpert Reyes and David Zahniser for Los Angeles Times

Michigan: “Mayor Will File ‘Schor Lansing Fund’ with the IRS” by Kyle Kaminski and Berl Schwartz for Lansing City Pulse

Montana: “US Supreme Court Won’t Take Challenge to Montana Campaign Finance Law” by Corin Cates-Carney for Montana Public Radio

Washington: “SEIU State Council to Pay $128,000 in Civil Fines Over Campaign-Finance Lawsuit” by Joseph O’Sullivan for Seattle Times


National: “Top Ethics Watchdog Rejects Ross’s Financial Disclosure Form” by Bill Allison for Bloomberg

National: “A Federal Employee’s Ethics Guide During Future Government Shutdowns” by Nicole Ogrysko for Federal News Network

Texas: “Sen. Angela Paxton Files Bill That Would Allow Her Husband, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, to Issue Exemptions from Securities Regulations” by Emma Platoff for Texas Tribune

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Arkansas Ethics Commission Clarifies Gift Exception in Advisory Opinion

The Arkansas Ethics Commission clarified a gift exception in Advisory Opinion No. 2019-EC-001. A local lobbying firm wants to hold Continued on Next Page

Wednesday’s LobbyComply News Roundup

Campaign Finance National: “Lawmakers Launch New Probe Into ‘Complex Web’ of Alleged Ties Between NRA, Russians” by Pete Madden and Continued on Next Page

Bill Would Transfer Registry of Lobbyists in Quebec to Lobbyists Commissioner

On February 14, a bill was introduced in the National Assembly of Quebec to allow the Lobbyists Commissioner to maintain Continued on Next Page

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