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In this episode 15, President and CEO Elizabeth Bartz reflects on how State and Federal Communications, Inc. has grown over 30 years. She shares her experience growing a business in government relations and her hopes for the future as we move to a new space and continue to grow.

In this episode, Associate Director of Research Services Michael Beckett, talks about a much used feature of our website where you can easily ask an expert any lobbying, campaign finance, or procurement lobbying compliance question. Michael walks through a few complex questions our expert compliance attorneys have answered for our clients, and the process used to provide the most accurate information.

In episode 9, our manager of Corporate Social Responsibility, Joe May, talks about the philanthropic efforts of State and Federal Communications. Listen as Joe fills you in on the great work our team does to give back to our community and what CSR means to us!

In Episode 8, we bring you some of the top government relations headlines from across the nation, including changes made by the FPPC, newly created registration and disclosure requirements for lobbyists in Louisville, KY, and more.

In episode 7 of LobbyComply Pod, we feature Gamble Hayden, Coordinator, Federal Compliance Services at State and Federal Communications. Gamble also spearheads our company’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts. Listen to this episode of LobbyComply Pod as she talks about her DEI journey and working to create an environment of learning and engagement.

In episode 6 of LobbyComply Pod, we bring you midterm election results and headlines from across the country. From a constitutional amendment in Arizona to establishing an ethics board in Maine, this was a very busy Election Day — and we are here to guide you through all the lobbying, campaign finance, and ethics election results. Take a few minutes, sit back, and let us fill you in on what you need to know!

In Episode 5 of LobbyComply Pod, we bring you some of the top government relations headlines from across the nation, including special sessions to be convened in California and Delaware, contribution restrictions in Illinois, and donor disclosure in Arizona. Happy listening!

In Episode 4 of LobbyComply Pod, we feature one of our most popular blog posts: Employee Personal Political Contributions, written by Nola Werren, Assistant Director, Compliance Services. Nola elaborates on this informative blog post and discusses topics such as preapproval prior to an employee’s contribution, coverage of pay-to-play laws, avoiding potential fines, and much more!

Episode 3 of LobbyComply Pod features government relations headlines from across the nation and in Canada: featuring special sessions and special elections, passed legislation, and upcoming ballot issues.

In episode two we discuss legislative updates, new ethics and lobbying laws, updated campaign finance rules, and special elections.

Welcome to LobbyComply Pod: the newest extension of State and Federal Communications, and our LobbyComply blog.

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Welcome to LobbyComply Pod! What to expect from LobbyComply Pod? Here are some topics you can look forward to:

  • Government relations headlines including news about:
  • Ethics
  • Campaign finance
  • Lobbying
  • Elections
  • Legislative sessions
  • And much more!
  • Discussions from our team of expert compliance attorneys and professionals
  • Industry and company happenings