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ALERTS Consulting

What is it?

Our Automatic Lobbyist/Employer Reports Tickler Service, or ALERTS™, provides personalized, one-on-one compliance help. We assist corporations; lobbying, law, and accounting firms; associations; and individual lobbyists with lobbying compliance for federal, state, and municipal disclosure requirements.

ALERTS™ consulting services ensure employer and lobbyist reports are accurate and on time. With more than 400 lobbyist and employer reports due for lobbying activity, individual reports are easy to overlook. The ALERTS™ service tracks – on all government levels – when each type of report is due and the associated reporting requirements.

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State and Federal Communications tailors the service to the states where your corporation has registered lobbyists. As registration status changes, ALERTS can be similarly revised.

Contact State and Federal Communications President and CEO Elizabeth Z. Bartz to discuss your compliance needs. She will deliver a personalized proposal based on your current lobbying efforts and political activities.

There are 400+ lobbying activity & employer reports due in a single year.

Employer reports

Our team of expert compliance attorneys work directly with your lobbying employer to compile any and all activity needed on the hundreds of reports due.

Lobbyist reports

With more than 400 reports due every year, our team will gather all activity required to fully and accurately complete all of your teams monthly, quarterly, and annual reports and registrations.

Contract lobbyists

We offer an additional layer of compliance certainty by tracking all reports filed on your behalf by contract lobbyists in the various jurisdictions they are employed.

Grassroots staff reports

Grassroots reporting requirements vary from state to state.  Our team of experts will gather any activity that may be needed to complete grassroots reports where it is required.