C3 Consulting Services - State and Federal Communications

C3 Consulting Services

We developed C3 consulting services - Corporate Contribution Compliance - in response to needs expressed by our clients.

These services provide information to those corporations making political contributions, using corporate dollars, in those states where direct corporate contributions are allowed.

In many cases, states allowing political contributions from a corporation’s general treasury have codified a maze of registration and reporting requirements. C3 consulting clients receive the experienced and specialized knowledge of our research team to navigate and comply with these rules and reporting requirements. Violations, even if done inadvertently, often lead to fines and negative exposure.

Those corporations making direct corporate contributions need to know:

  • monetary limits for the particular office;
  • monetary limits per calendar year, per election cycle, or per election;
  • when contributions are “blacked out” and cannot be made, such as during the regular legislative session, special session, or veto session; and
  • registration and reporting requirements for the jurisdiction.

All of this can be daunting for a corporation desiring to make political contributions.
However, for the experts on our staff who are researching the laws, reading opinions, and talking to key state compliance officers every day, navigating these complex rules and regulations is all in a day’s work.