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Alaska Governor-Elect Walker to be Sworn In on December 1

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AlaskaOn December 1, 2014 Bill Walker will be sworn in as Alaska’s governor. If you are planning involvement in inaugural events, be aware of the gift and campaign finance laws.

Lobbyists and non-lobbyists may provide legislators with tickets or contributions to a preapproved charity event with an annual aggregate value of less than $250.

Executive branch officials are prohibited from accepting gifts that may improperly influence the official. A gift from a lobbyist to a public official or to an immediate family member is presumed to be intended to influence the performance of official duties unless the giver is an immediate family member of the person receiving the gift. Occasional gifts of $50 or less from a non-lobbyist are presumed not to improperly influence.

Corporate contributions are prohibited in Alaska. Additionally, candidates are unable to use campaign funds for inaugural expenses until they receive an opinion from APOC designating inaugural activities as reasonably related to their political campaign. Use caution if asked to make contributions for inaugural events.

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