U.S. Lobbying Compliance Laws - State and Federal Communications

U.S. Lobbying Compliance Laws

U.S. Lobbying Compliance Laws Guidebook

Working with State and Federal Communications can give you the answers you need because keeping up with each state’s lobbying compliance laws is not easy.

The U.S. Lobbying Compliance Laws Guidebook is the definitive resource used by government relations professionals to stay current with lobbying laws at the federal, state, and local levels of government.


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Inside this guidebook you will find:


  • Precise listings and summaries of lobbying laws for the federal, state, and more than 300 municipalities
  • Advisory opinions interpreting lobbying laws
  • Full descriptions of registration and reporting requirements
  • A complete calendar of registration and reporting deadlines
  • Complete definitions of special terms
  • Summaries of gift laws
  • All-inclusive contact lists with telephone numbers, postal and email addresses, and websites for government compliance officers
  • All forms required for registering, reporting, securing employer authorization, and terminating registration

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