International Lobbying Compliance - State and Federal Communications

International Lobbying Compliance

International Lobbying Compliance Laws

International Governments at the federal, provincial, territorial, and local levels, have unique lobbying and political activity laws which differ from those in the United States.

The International Compliance Laws Guidebook has information on Lobbying Laws, Political Contributions, and Procurement Lobbying.

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Canadian Compliance Laws

Covering lobbying, political contributions, and procurement lobbying compliance laws at the federal, provincial, and local levels of government.

The Canadian governments – federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal – in many cases, have unique laws unlike laws for lobbying and political activities in the United States and elsewhere.

European Lobbying Compliance Laws

Our expanding European compliance coverage tracks 30 different countries and jurisdictions.

This publication is intended for companies and entities doing business in Europe that need to stay current with all lobbying compliance laws.

Latin American Lobbying Compliance Laws

As we continue adding to our growing list of compliance coverage, we are expanding into Latin America and tracking all the lobbying compliance laws.

We currently cover Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Peru, but are always expanding as new information is made available.

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In this guidebook you will find:


  • Precise listings and summaries of each applicable law
  • Full descriptions of registration and reporting requirements
  • Summaries of gift laws
  • Information on who can make contributions to whom
  • All-inclusive contact lists with telephone numbers, postal and email addresses, and websites for government compliance officers
  • Canada Only

    • Contribution limits and specific prohibitions
    • Pay-to-play laws on every government level

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