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May 26, 2022  •  

Diversity – It’s Not Just About Race and Gender | May 2022 Compliance Now

I have a confession to make…When I first heard the term “diversity” I immediately thought about the word only in terms of how it relates to race and gender. While these identifiers do encompass a huge role when we talk about diversity, race and gender are only a fraction of the many factors that go into making a person the unique individual they are.

Political ideology, education, family background, health, and religious affiliation are just a few examples of the ways an individual’s thinking, outlook, and perspective can be shaped. I use myself as exhibit A: I’m a registered Independent, who is college-educated and was raised by a single mother. I have a pre-existing condition and though I was raised Baptist, I am currently non-practicing. All of these factors make up the diverse person you know (or now know) as Gamble Hayden – my true, authentic self!

The next time you think about diversity, whether it be within your personal or professional spaces, I would like for you to consider the following:

  • Do I recognize the value in and importance of having diverse voices as part of the conversation?
  • Am I encouraging (and empowering) others to “show up” as their authentic selves?
  • What is one change that I will make TODAY to embrace a unique someone?

It is one thing to say that we value diversity, but it’s a whole other thing to truly “walk the talk”! I encourage you to take that next step – I know you can do it!

What are you doing today to help create change within your organization?

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