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April 4, 2012  •  

Federal Filings Are Due This Month

Elizabeth BartzThere still might be a few of you out there who remember before BCRA and HLOGA, when we only needed to submit a quarter of a page card as our federal lobbying report. Those were the days, my friend!

These days you need to clear your schedule so you can:

  1. Compile and track activity in accordance with your organization’s needs;
  2. Conduct extensive outreach and follow up to capture applicable expenses/costs;
  3. Obtain salaries of all employees engaged in lobbying activities—whether registered or not;
  4. Respond to questions about reporting requirements;
  5. Provide definitions for determining applicability;
  6. Institute tracking mechanisms for Issues and Agency contacts;
  7. Coordinate with outside consultants to ensure accurate reporting;
  8. Coordinate LD-203 filing process;
  9. Prepare documentation in case of an audit; and
  10. File the report.

What??? You are not doing this? You are guesstimating! Tell me that is not the case.

If you are in DC you have probably seen me with Rebecca South, Federal Compliance Associate. She has created an amazing program to help the top Fortune 500 companies insure timely and accurate compliance for the LD-2 and LD-203 reports. If we can help alleviate your quarterly headaches, please feel free to contact her at rsouth@stateandfed.com.

Until next month, remember the LD-2 isn’t the only report due in April. According to our Key Dates chart, there are 112 lobbying/employer reports due in this country’s states, counties, and cities.

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