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February 13, 2024  •  

Seize on L.O.V.E. this Month!

We are now into the month of February, a month that arguably is considered by many to be thought of as the month of Love! While I may agree with this notion as it relates to familial or romantic love, I also believe that February can also be the month where we begin to focus on L.O.V.E. as it relates to: Laughter; Opportunity; Voice; and Exchange.

LAUGHTER — I personally seek out every chance to break out into a hearty laugh! Laughter (when used appropriately) can relieve stress, break the ice in a seemingly tense situation, and just all around makes us feel good! Remind yourself to share a good laugh with someone, or even just laugh with (or at) yourself!

OPPORTUNITY — Take advantage of every one that comes your way! Whether this be attending a professional development conference, taking on a greater job role, or joining a committee or board, you never know what greatness will come from the chance for you to strengthen your skills and build stronger relationships.

VOICE – Be sure to allow your voice to be heard! Speak up and contribute during meetings and make sure that you are showing up for others. Allyship is still in style, so be sure to let someone know how much you value and support them!

EXCHANGE – In today’s polarizing world, an exchange of ideas amongst people can quickly escalate into a volatile situation. This noted, I still welcome opportunities to engage in dialogue with people who do not always look or think like me! I can always learn something new from someone, and to me, it is still one of the best ways to foster a connection, so why not seize these moments and discover how much you really may have in common with someone you at one time considered as “the other”?

I wish you all of the best this L.O.V.E. month – go forth and progress!

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