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March 17, 2023  •  

DEI Issues Are Not What You May Think

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling on LinkedIn (as I often do) and came upon a post by Rhodes Perry of Rhodes Perry Consulting. It featured a graphic depicting “What people think DEI issues are vs. What DEI issues actually are”.  I thought it was a great illustration, and it got me thinking about how I always say that DEI is more than just talking about race and gender, or just doing a bunch of “check the box” activities that are neither authentic nor sustainable.

I will include the link to the post and the graphic towards the end of this blog, but before I do, I just want to highlight a few of the things that were mentioned in the “What DEI issues actually are” section of the graphic that I thought were pretty interesting – these include:  “Managing fatigue, overwhelm, cynicism, & shame”; “Preparing companies for changing demographics & disruptive trends; and “Equipping C-suite with inclusive leadership skills”.  I think these are great examples of another thing that I always say about DEI – it’s a lifelong journey of learning, engagement and reflection!

The link to the post and graphic are here:  I invite you to consider what DEI means to you, and send me a list of some additional things that you would include in the “What DEI issues actually are” category?  I will compile the list and include it in a future blog – see you next time!

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