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November 9, 2010  •  

Ask the Experts – 2011 Lobbying Registrations

Nola WerrenQ. I am registered in numerous states.  What are some of the features I need to know regarding renewing my lobbyist registrations for 2011?   Do all my registrations automatically expire at the end of the year?  H-E-L-P!

A. These are all very good questions, as January 1, 2011 is quickly approaching.  The expirations on December 31 of this year are particularly thorny because they include not only those states having annual expirations, but most biennial expirations occur at the end of an even-numbered year.

As the states begin their 2011 legislative sessions, here are some things to keep in mind:

Annual registrations:  The majority of states have a registration term based on a calendar year.  If registered in any of the following states, your registration will expire on December 31, 2010.

Alabama Mississippi
Alaska Missouri
Arkansas Nebraska
District of Columbia New Hampshire
Florida [legislative and executive] New Mexico
Georgia North Carolina
Idaho [legislative and executive] Ohio [executive]
Illinois Oklahoma
Indiana [legislative and executive] Rhode Island [legislative]
Iowa [legislative] South Carolina
Kansas Tennessee
Louisiana [legislative and executive] Texas

Biennial registrations:  The trick to keeping track of your registration expiration for biennial states is knowing whether the biennium ends on December 31st of an even-numbered or odd-numbered year.

Those states with biennial registrations expiring on December 31, 2010, include:

California Pennsylvania
Connecticut Utah
Hawaii Vermont
Montana Washington
New York West Virginia
Ohio [legislative] Wisconsin

Legislative sessions:  In some states, registrations expire at the end of the regular legislative session.  These include Nevada [sessions are held in odd-numbered years] and South Dakota.  In Iowa, executive branch lobbyist registration is valid until the next regular session of the general assembly.

Non-calendar years:  In other states, registrations expire at the end of a year, but that year is defined as other than January 1 to December 31.  These states have the following registration terms:

Colorado [July 1 to July 15 of the subsequent year] North Dakota [July 1 to June 30]
Kentucky executive [August 1 to July 31] Virginia [May 1 to April 30]
Maine [December 1 to November 30] Wyoming [May 1 to April 30]
Maryland [November 1 to October 31]

On-going registrations:  Once you register in the following states, your registration is on-going until you affirmatively terminate.  These include:

New Jersey [a fee is due annually on November 15]
Rhode Island executive

And then there is Arizona:  Just to keep you on your toes, Arizona has a biennial registration where lobbyists renew during November of odd-numbered years, and employers renew during November of even-numbered years.

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