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Wisconsin Ethics Commission Relocates

Walker falls in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Legislature to Hold Extraordinary Session

Walker Calls Special Elections to Fill Vacant Legislative Seats

Gov. Walker Refuses to Call Special Elections

Walker Must Call Special Elections to Fill Legislative Vacancies

Wisconsin Elections Administrator to Step Down

Wisconsin Senate, Bipartisan Commission Butt Heads Over Top Election Chief

Wisconsin Lawmakers to Convene Special Session

Wisconsin Legislator to Introduce Campaign Finance Package

Wisconsin Ethics Commissioner Resigns

Wisconsin Legislators Consider Revolving Door Ban

Walker Calls Wisconsin Legislature Into Special Session

Wisconsin Ethics Commissioner Resigns Amid Agency Dysfunction

No Special Election Following Death of Wisconsin Senator

Wisconsin Ethics Commission Permits Members to Make Political Contributions

Administrator Sought for Wisconsin’s New Ethics Commission

Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator Selected

Director of Wisconsin GAB to Retire

Wisconsin Senate Unofficially Adjourns

Wisconsin Governor Signs Bills Overhauling Campaign Finance Laws and Dismantling GAB

Wisconsin Senate Passes GAB and Campaign Finance Bills

Wisconsin Legislators Introduce Bill to Create Ethics and Elections Commissions

Audit of Wisconsin Ethics Board Finds No Major Issues

Madison, WI Council Seeks to Ban Lobbyists From Serving on Committees

Wisconsin Special Election Announced

WI Governor Wants to Scrap Ethics Board

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules on Coordinated Spending

Madison City Council to Consider Prohibiting Lobbyists from Serving on City Committees

Wisconsin Special Election Called for Senate District 33

Wisconsin Voter ID Law Remains, But Not for Spring Election

Wisconsin Extraordinary Session Draws Opposition

Federal Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin Campaign Finance Provisions

Wisconsin Federal Judge Allows Campaign Coordination

Judge Enjoins Enforcement of Wisconsin Candidate Limits

Wisconsin Burke to Face Gov. Walker in November

Wisconsin PAC Limits Challenged

Wisconsin Governor Accused of Illegal Campaign Coordination

Wisconsin John Doe Sues GAB

Wisconsin GAB Drafts New Lobbyist Contribution Guidelines

Wisconsin GAB Votes to Allow Lobbyist Delivery of Contributions

Wisconsin Ban on Corporate Political Spending Ruled Unconstitutional

New Wisconsin Lobbyist Contribution Law Contains Unexpected Restriction

Wisconsin No Longer Will Enforce Aggregate Contribution Limits

Wisconsin Aggregate Limits Expected to Fall

Wisconsin Legislators Adjourn 2014 Regular Session

Wisconsin Governor Signs Campaign Contribution Bill

Wisconsin Assembly Passes Lobbyist Contribution Bill

Wisconsin Senate Passes Bill to Open Window for Lobbyist Contributions

Wisconsin Senate Considers Campaign Finance Bills

Wisconsin Government Accountability Board Updates Lobbying Website

Wisconsin Governor Calls Special Session

Wisconsin Legislature Ends Regular Session

Wisconsin Special Election Set for Assembly District 82

Wisconsin Governor Calls Special Election

Wisconsin Aggregate Contribution Limits Challenged

Wisconsin Introduces Revolving Door Bill

Wisconsin Special Election Set to Fill Assembly Seat

Wisconsin Announces Special Election Dates for State Senate Seat

Complaint Concerning ALEC Filed in Wisconsin

The Latest Redistricting News

Lobbying News in the States

Redistricting News Roundup

Wisconsin Bill Targets Special Interest Organizations that Craft Bills for Legislators

7th Circuit Overturns Wisconsin Independent Expenditure Law

Wisconsin Campaign Finance Law Highlighted in Recall Elections

Court Enjoins Enforcement of Wisconsin Contribution Limit

Green Bay City Council Passes Lobbyist Registration Ordinance

News You Can Use Digest – July 5, 2011

Special Election Scheduled for August 9, 2011 to Fill Vacant Assembly Seat

Wisconsin Special Election Set for May 3, 2011

Holiday Shut-Down Days in Maine and Wisconsin

Wisconsin G.A.B. December Meeting Convenes

Wisconsin Supreme Court to Hear Campaign Finance Case

Helpful News from the Wisconsin G.A.B.

Wisconsin G.A.B. releases Fall 2010 Independent Expenditure Figures

Nominee to Be Named to G.A.B. Candidate Committee

Wisconsin G.A.B. Settles Issue-Ad Lawsuit

Wisconsin Attorney General Issues Citizens United Opinion

Two Wisconsin Groups File a Law Suit

Wisconsin G.A.B. to Meet