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Who Were the One Term U.S. Presidents?

One Term Presidents 11/20

1797-1801   John Adams*

1825-1829   John Quincy Adams*

1837-1841   Martin Van Buren*

1841-1841   William Henry Harrison

1841-1845   John Tyler**

1845-1849   James Polk

1849-1850   Zachary Taylor

1850-1853   Millard Fillmore**

1853-1857   Franklin Pierce

1857-1861   James Buchanan

1865-1869   Andrew Johnson

1877-1881   Rutherford Hayes

1881-1881   James Garfield

1881-1885   Chester A. Arthur

1889-1893   Benjamin Harrison*

1909-1913   William Taft*

1921-1923   Warren Harding

1929-1933   Herbert Hoover*

1961-1963   John Kennedy

1974-1977   Gerald Ford**

1977-1981   Jimmy Carter*

1989-1993   George H.W. Bush*

2016-2020   Donald J. Trump*

* Ran for re-election unsuccessfully

**John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, Chester Arthur and Gerald Ford were never elected President.

Updated: November 7, 2020

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