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April 26, 2023  •  

Ask the Experts – Tennessee Gift Laws

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Q: I am a registered lobbyist in Tennessee and my employer is planning to invite the entire membership of the general assembly to an in-state reception with food and beverages provided. Is this allowed and is there anything else I should know to make sure I am compliant with state laws?


A: Yes, the event is permissible, but there are important reporting requirements to follow.

Lobbyists and employers of lobbyists may provide entertainment, food, refreshments, etc. in connection with an in-state event to which the entire membership of the general assembly has been invited. For 2023 events, the cost per person may not exceed $73 per day.

The lobbyist or employer of lobbyist must file a copy of the invitation with the Ethics Commission at least 7 days before the event and must file an In-State Disclosure form within 30 days after the event detailing the per-person and total cost of the event.

The aggregate total of all in-state events is also reported on the semi-annual lobbyist employer reports.

Proper gift disclosure can involve more than simply including the gift on your normal lobbying disclosure report. It is always a good idea to check the jurisdiction’s specific disclosure requirements on our website prior to giving a gift.

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