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February 2, 2021  •  

My Wellness Journey

Elizabeth Bartz, Anastasia Drescher, and Beth Mullen

Last week, State and Federal Communications received the bronze award from the Healthy Business Council of Ohio (HBCO). In fact, it is the second year we have won this award. This is great since we have only had a formal wellness program for two years. The HBCO requested a photo of us with our plaque so I joined HR Generalist Anastasia Drescher and Director of HR Beth Mullen for our “Charlie’s Angels” photo.

Why is this important? Because I finally got it stuck in my head, I had to do something. I have been around for a long time and many might remember when I weighed 52 pounds more than I do today. In fact, I am finally down to my 1997 wedding weight, which is great, and NO I have not pulled out the dress to try it on!!

This did not happen easily.  It is something I have worked hard to do. It did help when we were told we were going to be grandparents.
I knew I wanted to be an active grandparent.

So, I did three things:

  1. Went back to WW,
  2. Hired personal trainer and started yoga, and
  3. Self-care.

WW—Let me make this clear:  I have been a WW member for a long time, but I took it more seriously in the last year and have lost almost 25 pounds since the pandemic. The program is easy to use with my iPhone and there are a variety of program choices.

Personal Training and Yoga—When we received the baby news in December 2018, it came with a yoga mat as my Christmas gift. I had just started Yoga Nidra and was using the studio’s mats. Even before COVID it was not a great idea. I attend a weekly program, Relax and Restore, to prepare for my busy weeks.  This is a program that deals with stretching and breathing. My legs and back stay on the floor. I also have personal trainer and meet with her twice a week for 45 minutes training with weights along with rowing, using the tread mill, and stretching so I can easily pick up my 25-pound grandson.

Self-Care—Last but not least, self-care is important. Though I do keep track daily of my weight, my sugar levels, oral care, flossing with my new Waterpik sonic-fusion flossing toothbrush (my Christmas gift to myself).  I also listen to the Calm App and read for 20 minutes. I am reminding you how important it is to have a PCP—primary care physician—and see the physician at least once a year. Now, at my age, my physician wants to see me twice a year. I also make sure I see my dentist twice a year—which is free with our dental insurance. There are other parts of our bodies we need to take care of, and I make sure those are done, too. At my age, I have had two colonoscopies, as caring for all parts of the body and preventative care is important. My suggestion is to schedule it for a Monday morning so you can drink the pre-procedure fluids on Sunday when you are home.  You will know what I am talking about the first time you schedule it. Plus, as we learned in our 2020 Wellness Program, sleep is important.  Where I used to settle for five hours a sleep, I have increased it to seven or eight hours a night.

I know I am not a model wellness person, but I am not done. As I persevere, I urge you to take the time to fit in planning for meal preparation in your house. We organize our plan every Friday night.  What else are we doing these days? Many people have treadmills in their home. Recently, John Chames put our treadmill in front of the family room television.  This is a great decision because we can be on it while watching the news or watching John’s favorite show, American Pickers.

Remember, you only have one body, take care of it.

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