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March 5, 2024  •  

Disagree Differently — Can We Make That Happen

I saw these two videos [below] last week at the National Governors Association meeting in DC… and, I have been thinking about it. How can I disagree differently this election year?

It’s a big deal in my household. My husband is a diehard Ohio State fan. I was born in Ann Arbor. My immediate family members still wear the maize and blue when the teams play together.

Truth be told, I don’t have a reason not to be an Ohio State fan but it does keep disagreements lively. Our daughter went to Ohio State Law School and I was talking to our grandson, James (or Jackpot as I affectionately call him) about Michigan’s beauty when he screamed out loud, “Mom, I want to go to Michigan!”

Okay, let’s get back to disagreeing differently. I heard from former Congressman J.C. Watts [right] at the State Government Affairs Council Leaders Policy Conference in November. He had a great comment. Maybe there would not be as much divisiveness if people watched more Andy Griffith than FOX News. I ran up to tell him after my sisters and I watch Andy Griffith with our father every night (I even saw the episode when Aunt Bee arrived.) We could go back to my household where my husband and I are of different political sides. I have not been nice about it. When President Obama won, I blocked FOX News from the main television. I hated hearing it blaring in the television when I returned home. I also did not remind him to vote on one Primary Election, but I felt guilty and told him 10 minutes before the polls closed. He did have time to speed to the local school and vote.

Most of the time we watch television on different floors during a presidential election year. I want to do it differently this year—especially after the ridiculous issues Ohio Secretary of State allowed on our 2023 ballots about changing the constitution and women’s reproductive health. Our daughter, Nicole, and I had old conversations with John about why both would severely affect women in the state. I was also afraid Nicole and her family would move to Colorado with her in-laws and I would NOT be happy—about the move, not the in-laws.

I will TRY the same thing this year. We need to get over the things we are both concerned with and that is the age of our candidates for president. At this point there is nothing we can do about it. Will I ever change his mind and vote for my candidate? Probably not. But maybe on November 5th, we can watch election coverage together.

It’s important we know why we want to vote for a specific candidate. Take the time to learn. There are so many ways than FOX or MSNBC. Read books, magazine articles, put it in your Open AI. Take the time because we have the time. Then VOTE.

Governor Mike Parson (R) Missouri and Governor Laura Kelly (D) Kansas

Governor Wes Moore (D) Maryland and Mayor Jack Coburn (R) Lonaconing, MD

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