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May 9, 2017  •  

Ask the Experts – Contributions by Out-of-State PACs

Q.  Can a PAC from one state make contributions to candidates and ballot measures in a different state?

A.  Yes, an out-of-state PAC may make contributions in a different state, but it must be aware of the state laws governing such a practice.

In most states, the out-of-state PAC will be subject to the same rules governing an in-state PAC, although there may be parameters.  For example:

  • In North Carolina, the out-of-state PAC must have a certified assistant treasurer who is a resident of North Carolina.
  • In New Jersey, the Election Law Enforcement Commission will determine if the out-of-state PAC has a significant percentage of activity within the state to require registration and reporting.
  • In Nevada, the out-of-state PAC must appoint a registered agent from Nevada.
  • In New York, out-of-state committees must designate a depository, which must be a banking organization authorized to do business in New York.

In other jurisdictions, an out-of-state PAC must create an in-state PAC before it can contribute.  For instance…Click here to read this and all Ask the Experts articles in full

We have not listed PAC rules for all the states, only examples of some states.
If you have a question on a state not listed here, please contact us directly
at 330-761-9960.

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