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October 12, 2023  •  

Ask The Experts – Updates to the Indiana Lobby Registration Commission (ILRC) Website

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Q: I heard the Indiana Lobby Registration Commission (ILRC) updated their website. How will the changes affect how lobbyists register and file reports?

A: Yes, the ILRC has upgraded their reporting system and new features have been added. Per the ILRC, the updates will be live as of September 2023.

For registrations, memorandums of understanding (MOU) will be filed from within the online filing system. Lobbyists will no longer need to email a digital copy and the MOU will be a part of the online filing process and accessible online. To add a new lobbyist, a lobbyist will be asked to enter the date of the lobbying agreement and the social security or tax identification number. The system will search and verify the lobbyist is not already in the system. If the lobbyist is not in the system, then it will proceed to create a new MOU. If the lobbyist is in the system, instructions will be given on how to proceed. To amend a current MOU, the lobbyist may select their name from a dropdown list and make the appropriate changes to the information.

All filings will now be submitted directly to the ILRC after being approved by either the lobbyist or by the responsible person. Previously, filers were required to do a final submission as the preparer of the report or registration after approval. Going forward, lobbyists will be notified when the filing is approved and submitted directly to the Commission. An audit process has been added to the filing system to ensure the accuracy of filings and the ILRC will reach out if a filing was declined due to an error or omission which must be corrected before it is accepted.

Other changes include upgrades to the system’s search function. As soon as a lobbyist opens their account the dashboard will now include pending filings, MOUs, and appeals. Additional search upgrades include being able to sort previous filings by year, type, status, and confirmation number.

The information from this response can easily be found on our website in the Lobbying Compliance section of the United States Compliance Laws publication.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

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