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September 12, 2023  •  

Ask The Experts – New York’s New Ethics Training Requirements

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Q: I heard New York has new ethics training requirements. What do I need to know to be compliant?

A: That is correct. The New York State Commission on Ethics and Lobbying in Government (COELIG) has expanded the ethics training requirements as part of the new Ethics Reform Act of 2022. All lobbyists (Principal, Individual, and In-House lobbyists), contractual clients, and beneficial clients listed on a submitted 2023-2024 Statement of Registration are required to take this new training in 2023 and certify completion of the training requirement on the Lobbying Application website. The training requirement is triggered by and applicable to those individuals and entities listed on a lobbyist or client Statement of Registration once the registration is submitted.

For the purposes of training compliance by organizations listed as a lobbyist or client, the Chief Administrative Officer of the organization is responsible for taking the training. Individuals associated with 2023-2024 registrations submitted on or before January 18, 2023, had an extended training due date of March 18, 2023. Those individuals associated with a 2023-2024 registration submitted after January 18, 2023, have 60 days from the registration submission date to complete and certify the training. Following completion of the initial training, individuals will be required to take a refresher training every three years.

Individuals may access the course through a hyperlink on the COELIG website or directly at

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