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August 1, 2014  •  

Midwestern Work Ethic Rocks Us to 21 Years Old

Elizabeth BartzJuly 1, 1993, is when it all began for State and Federal Communications. It is hard to believe it has been 21 years.

Last September, Jason Nazar wrote an article in Forbes magazine, 16 Surprising Statistics About Small Businesses. Here are a few of his points:

  1. The Small Business Administration defines a small business as an enterprise having fewer than 500 employees.
  2. There are 28 million small businesses in the United States. And, this does not include the 22 million self-employed people with no additional payroll or employees.
  3. Since 1995, small businesses have generated more than 65% of the net new jobs.
  4. Seven out of 10 new employers survive at least two years, half at least five years, a third at least 10 years, and a quarter stay in business 15 years or more.

I had to read that last one a few times because we have definitely exceeded it. I only review these articles when I am reflecting on another year in business. I hardly study it nor do I count where we stand in the percentage of small businesses who have reached milestones.

So, how do we keep things moving? Just a few things…

  1. Do the next right thing.
  2. Do what you said you would do.
  3. Ask someone if you need help.
  4. Remember Scar from The Lion King? Life’s not fair. Deal with it.
  5. Most luck comes from general hard work.
  6. It’s work…If it was a lot of fun, it would be called recess.
  7. Admit mistakes when made…It really does make you feel better.
  8. Bump in the road? Jump over it and keep moving forward.
  9. Nothing short of right is right. [Hat tip to Bill Taylor, first director of Kent State University School of Journalism.]
  10. If it is to be, it is up to me.

I am not Peter Drucker, Mary Follett, or Max Weber. I am not even Ben Stein…but I was raised by working parents with the Midwestern work ethic, which is basically the belief that hard work and perseverance, rooted in quiet humility, pays off in the long run.

We are up to the challenge. In 2014, we now have 38 people on staff to help you know what is important about lobbying, political contributions, and procurement lobbying in the United States, federal government, more than 250 municipalities, and Canada.

Thank you for being our clients, colleagues, vendors, and friends. Watch out for what’s next.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Z. Bartz
President and CEO

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