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June 4, 2012  •  

“We’re Walking” Update

Keep walkingAfter dividing into three teams of nine, State and Federal Communications employees worked up a sweat, completing four weeks of the “We’re Walking” program.

The Myra Texas Walkers took the lead in the first week, successfully reaching 655,040 steps.

Team Winner proved worthy of its name after placing a victory in the second week by walking 607,187 steps. Team leader Jim Warner acknowledged the intended line of attack behind Team Winner’s sudden success.

“My strategy can be summarized in two words: sneak attack,” Warner said. “I knew Myra and Joe May would disregard Team Winner and become too confident.  Team Winner started slowly, but we have tried to increase our steps each week.”

In retaliation, Team Happy Feet strode past its opponents in the third week by reaching 678,969 steps.

“We shall outpace them on the beaches, we shall outpace them on the landing grounds, we shall outpace them in the fields and in the streets; we shall never surrender,” Happy Feet team leader Joe May announced.

Although all three teams are striving for the win, Team Winner took the most steps in the fourth week, accumulating 781,808 steps.

With only two weeks of the competition left, team members are eagerly setting aside time to improve their scores.

“We’re treating this like a marathon, not a sprint,” Myra Cottrill, leader of the Myra Texas Walkers said. “Team Winner and Happy Feet may be in the lead, but I know our steady week-to-week improvements will result in a decisive victory.”

The competition rises as team members find themselves neck and neck on their way toward the finish line. To provide more motivation, Elizabeth Bartz is upping the stakes by offering a bigger prize to the winning team.

Stay tuned for more details as the competition heats up!

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