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August 7, 2017  •  

State and Federal Communications “Lunch and Learns” about Crisis Management

State and Federal Communications emphasizes the importance of professional development. There are many programs, webinars, and events the company provides for staff members to participate in. The goal is for employees to continuously learn and grow as professionals.

Lunch and Learn is a program the company uses to educate employees on various work-related topics. Staff members can enjoy lunch with their colleagues while learning something new.

State and Federal Communications recently welcomed crisis communications and media specialist Stephanie York from Hennes Communications. During the Lunch and Learn, York informed employees of the importance of crisis management and how handling a crisis can be easy if you follow the Damage Control Playbook.

She told us five things that we should know amid a crisis:

  1. Tell the truth. The truth is going to come out eventually. It is better to state the truth at the beginning rather than wait for it to be exposed.
  2. Tell it first. The public is going to find out the truth, inevitably. It is better for the company’s reputation to be the one informing the public. If the audience is already aware of the situation, they won’t be fazed if it shows up in the news.
  3. Tell it all. Trying to hide part of the truth will result in backlash. If new information is revealed that you didn’t disclose to your audience, people will think the company had something to hide.
  4. Be aware of media filters. Every story about the crisis is going to be told differently. If you give reporters all the information upfront it will usually produce a filter that respects the company.
  5. Know the fundamental role of reporting. Reporters want to tell a juicy story. The situation will seem less scandalous coming from the source directly.

Knowing how to take control of the situation and communicate efficiently is beneficial to the company. Employees now know what to do and who to communicate with if the company ever faces a crisis. This information can also be applied when communicating with our clients. If they find themselves in a situation and need our assistance in any way, we are now better equipped to help. The Lunch and Learn was a great way to learn more about important topics in the industry.

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