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December 15, 2011  •  

Advances in Technology Pose a Problem for Legislators

As technology advances, laws, and regulations will have to evolve with it. The concept of privacy becomes very hazy when you are trying to decide if you can track a mobile device belonging to someone who is suspected of a crime. Even today with the new scanning technology utilized by airports which effectively shows images of naked people and has always been surrounded by controversy is used to ensure the safety of airline passengers.

Where can the line be drawn between what is acceptable to ensure the safety of the citizens of the United States and what is a gross violation of personal privacy?

There are also already problems concerning disclosure for online ads on websites such as Facebook and Google. While states such as California and Maryland are among the minority to even take a step in the direction of regulating such political ads, the FEC has disallowed such campaign contributions at the federal level.

Technology is advancing at an incredible rate, and many advancements come with both positive and negative applications.

Learn more in How technology will test the Constitution by Joseph Marks. Here is a video summary from the Brookings Institution Constitution 3.0 event on December 13, 2011.

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