Airbnb, Opponents to File Dueling Lawsuits in New York

ethics, JCOPE, lobbying, New York
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Home-sharing website Airbnb is planning to file a formal complaint to call on the Joint Commission on Public Ethics or the state Attorney General’s Office to investigate the ShareBetter coalition, which has spent money to run anti-Airbnb ads, organized lobby days, and established a website calling for grassroots action.

The lawsuit accuses ShareBetter of failing to register for lobbying activities and to file bimonthly and semiannual lobbying reports, among other offenses. However, sources close to ShareBetter say the three entities that make up the bulk of the funding are already registered as lobbyists and have disclosed their activities.

In response to Airbnb’s lawsuit, ShareBetter plans to file its own complaints against Airbnb for failing to report lobbying activities at both the state and city levels.