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Maine Voters Expand Access to Medicaid

Maine Special Session Adjourns Sine Die

Special Session Called for Maine Legislature

Maine Special Election Called for House District 56

Maine Rep. Gina Mason Passes Away

LePage Threatens Possibility of Special Session

Maine Adjourns Sine Die

Maine Legislature to Meet in August

Maine Legislature Recesses

Maine Bans Certain Gifts to Health Care Practitioners

Maine Legislature Extends First Regular Session

Maine Ethics Commission Proposes Potential Legislation

Ranked-Choice Voting for Maine

Maine’s Governor Will Not Resign

Maine’s Ethics Commission Clarifies Contribution Exception

Maine Gov. to Call Special Session

Five Citizen’s Initiatives to Hit Maine’s November Ballot

Maine Legislature Adjourns Sine Die

Special Election Set in Maine for Open Seat in District 32

Special Election to be Called in Maine

Maine Ethics Commission Issues Fines for Lobbying and Campaign Finance Violations

Special Session Requested in Maine

Initiative to Increase Public Financing of Campaigns Passes in Maine

Maine Special Election Scheduled for November 3

Special Election Called for Maine State House District 19

Maine Supreme Judicial Court Says LePage’s 65 Vetoes Too Late

Maine Ballot Measure Proposes Changes to State’s Campaign Finance Law

Maine Legislature Adjourns Sine Die

Maine Lawmakers Considering Impeachment of Gov. LePage

Maine Contribution Limits for Gubernatorial, Municipal Candidates Increased

Maine Special Election Scheduled for March 10, 2015

Maine Legislature Convened 2015 Session on 12/3

Maine Ethics Commission Eliminates Per-Election Limit for 2014 Election

Maine Per-election Contribution Limit Overturned in Federal Court

Ruling Expected in Maine Campaign Finance Suit

Federal Suit in Maine Challenges Contribution Limits

Maine Ethics Commission Will No Longer Enforce Aggregate Contribution Limits

Maine Legislature Considering Special Session

Maine Legislature Adjourns

Safe Chemicals Stroller Brigade

Maine Voters to Elect New State Senator

Maine Legislature Adjourns After Record-Breaking Session

Maine Legislature Decides to Stick Around Augusta a Little Longer

Maine Legislature Does Not Adjourn as Scheduled

Maine Governor Signs Lobbying Bill Into Law

Maine Increases Contribution Limits for Legislative Candidates

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Anti-Gay Marriage Group’s Appeal of Maine Law

Maine Lawmakers Return to Augusta

Supreme Court Upholds Maine Campaign Finance Law

Matching Funds to Remain for Maine’s Gubernatorial Candidates

Maine Special Session Adjourns

Maine PAC Reporting Laws Upheld

Legislative News from the States

Judge Decides Maine Campaign Finance Law is Constitutional

Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics Sets 2011 Agenda

Holiday Shut-Down Days in Maine and Wisconsin

Supreme Court Declines to Suspend Maine Campaign Finance Law

News from the Maine Ethics Commission

New Rules in Maine for Reporting Independent Expenditures

Federal District Court Issues Ruling in Maine Campaign Finance Lawsuit