Tuesday’s Government and Ethics News Roundup

campaign finance, elections, ethics, lobbying, procurement

Campaign Finance

Federal: “Fewer Than 16,000 Donors Accounted for Half the Federal Campaign Contributions in 2016” by Michelle Ye Hee Lee for Washington Post

Missouri: “Greitens Campaign Operation Is Sharing Space with Dark Money Group” by Kurt Erickson for St. Louis Post-Dispatch


National: “Government Says It Is Dropping Most Remaining Inaugural Day Rioting Cases” by Keith Alexander for Washington Post


National: “In the Crowd at Trump’s Inauguration, Members of Russia’s Elite Anticipated a Thaw Between Moscow and Washington” by Craig Timberg, Rosalind Helderman, Andrew Roth, and Carol Leonnig for Washington Post

Federal: “Congressman Combating Harassment Settled His Own Misconduct Case” by Katie Rogers and Kenneth Vogel for New York Times

Federal: “Supreme Court Opens Door to Sheldon Silver Corruption Retrial” by John Reilly for Newsday

Federal: “Watchdog Petitions Federal Court to Kill New Appointments for Lobbying, Ethics Commissioners” by Marco Vigliotti for Hill Times


Kansas: “Kansas Bill Aims at Anyone Trying to Sway Executive Branch Register ‘Like a Lobbyist’” by Hunter Woodall and Jonathan Shorman for Kansas City Star


Georgia: “Former Atlanta City Official Gets 2 Years in Bribery Probe” by Kate Brumback (Associated Press) for Los Angeles Times