Tuesday’s Government and Ethics News

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Campaign Finance

Arizona: “‘Dark Money’ in the States: Arizona GOP Blocks Cities from Implementing Transparent Elections” by Josh Keefe for Newsweek

New York: “Appeal to End ‘LLC Loophole’ Is Rejected” by Chris Bragg for Albany Times Union


National: “Rushed EPA Ethics Ruling on Pruitt Condo Deal ‘Problematic,’ Experts Say” by Stephanie Ebbs, Matthew Mosk, and John Santucci for ABC News

National: “Top Government Ethics Chief Walter Shaub and Staff Used Headspace Meditation App to Deal with Stress of Working Under Trump” by Dan Mangan for CNBC

National: “From Mueller to Stormy to ‘Emoluments,’ Trump’s Business Is Under Siege” by Jonathan O’Connell and David Fahrenthold (Washington Post) for MSN

Alabama: “State Rep, Former AL GOP Chairman Arrested on Bribery Charges” by Melissa Brown for Montgomery Advertiser

Maryland: “Nathaniel Oaks Is the Latest Maryland Politician to Be Convicted. Is Enough Being Done to Prevent Corruption?” by Luke Broadwater for Baltimore Sun

Oregon: “The Oregonian Places Lien on Home of Kitzhaber FiancĂ©e” by Gary Warner for Bend Bulletin


National: “Congressman Files Papers Clarifying Lobby Registration Dates” by Julie Carr Smyth (Associated Press) for WRAL