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September 8, 2014  •  

Bucket of States to Still Visit

United States mapI figured it is time to list the states I still need to visit. In this government relations industry, we have the opportunity to go to many states. And, with two meetings in Anchorage, many of our colleagues have seen them all from Alabama to Wyoming.

I started a list a year ago when Sen. Bruce Starr from Oregon was elected president of NCSL and had scheduled an executive committee meeting. But, alas, I was unable to attend, so it remains on the list.

Here is a list of the states. What are your outstanding ones? And, if any of you have Ohio on that list, you need to call me to attend any of a number sporting events or a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I personally have season tickets to the home games of both the University of Akron and Kent State University…Now, those are hot teams!

Back to the subject. I am now down to the final seven (7) and know in 2015 one will be knocked off the list because of CSG’s Midwest Legislative Conference.

  1. Alabama — Lost a chance in 2013 when Kent State University was in the football playoffs but could not get back in time for business meetings.
  2. Hawaii — Big surprise this is still on my list.
  3. Montana — Does this state still not have a speed limit? That’s what David Letterman says.
  4. North Dakota — Ding, ding, ding…Off the list in 2015.
  5. Oregon — Hmm. Maybe a trip to Nike is in order.
  6. South Dakota — Could I knock off this state after MLC next year?
  7. Wyoming — I guess we have to go to Jackson Hole.

It is possible. It is not a race…just a goal to finish.

Until next month, put your list together of states still left to see.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Z. Bartz
President and CEO

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