Tuesday Lobbying and Campaign Finance News

campaign finance, ethics, lobbying, social media
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K StreetLobbying

How Does Lobbying Buy Votes” by Karl Smith in Forbes.

Nebraska: “Is $27 million enough to buy influence in Nebraska?” by Paul Hammel in the Omaha World Herald.

Campaign Finance

Campaign Finance Reform by a ‘Stroke-of-the-Pen’” by Paul Abrams in the Huffington Post.

Connecticut: “Despite corruption, campaign reform in jeopardy” by Brian Lockhart in the Connecticut Post.

Nevada: “Campaign transparency bill passes, albeit a watered-down version” by Conor Shine in the Las Vegas Sun.

New York: “Campaign Finance Reform Unlikely to Proceed in Albany” by Karen DeWitt in WNYC News.

Wisconsin: “Wisconsin GOP proposes far-ranging election, campaign finance reforms” by The Associated Press in The Republic.


Texas: “Tougher ethics bill passes Texas House” by Marty Schladen in the El Paso Times.

Government Tech and Social Media

Rhode Island: “Assembly website now allows bill updates via email, live-streaming of sessions” by Randal Edgar in the Providence Journal.

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