Wednesday Government Relations News

campaign finance, ethics, lobbying
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government buildingLobbying

Lobbying World” in The Hill.

Nebraska: “Special interests spent $13 million last year to influence state government” by Kevin O’Hanlon in the Lincoln Journal Star.

Campaign Finance

New Jersey: “State campaign finance agency lifts political contribution caps for independent groups” by Matt Friedman in the Star-Ledger.


Alabama: “State officials disagree over alleged threats, conflict of interest” by Sebastian Kitchen in the Montgomery Advertiser.

Texas: “Texas passes ethics bill, but many proposed reforms are left on the cutting room floor” by Nicholas Kusnetz in The Center for Public Integrity.

Texas: “Texas Governor Vetoes Bill That Would Have Expanded Political Reporting” by Kurt Hyde in the New American.

Texas: “Searchable database of CY 2012 Texas officials’ financial statements”  by David Rauf in the Houston Chronicle.

From the State Legislatures

Nevada: “Amended annual sessions bill clears Nevada Assembly panel” by Sean Whaley in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Texas: “House begins work on redistricting” by Tim Eaton and Jonathan Tilove in the Austin American-Statesman.

Government Tech and Social Media

California: “Top 5 California Agencies Advancing Transparency on Twitter” by Jane Susskind in The Independent Voter Network.

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