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State and Federal Communications, Inc. Marks 25th Anniversary with New Innovations in the Political Compliance Industry and Celebrations in Akron Headquarters and Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C – July 18, 2018 – The culmination of building a business focused on helping government relations professionals be able to comply with the rules, regulations, and statutes surrounding lobbying and campaign contributions culminates today in an anniversary celebration, here in the nation’s capital, the heart of the lobbying profession.

State and Federal Communications, Inc. founded in 1993 by Elizabeth Z. Bartz, who today remains the CEO and President of the company, presents its legacy today at a ceremony at the Elliot School of International Affairs at George Washington University.

The event is one of many historical notes that have occurred on the path to becoming the industry’s trusted provider of information and consulting on government compliance laws and regulations related to lobbying, campaign finance, and procurement lobbying.

According to Ms. Bartz, “There are literally thousands of compliance-related dos, don’ts and deadlines in government relations work. These variables create many opportunities for mistakes and missed deadlines that can lead to costly fines and bad exposures. Our mission is to help clients understand all the changes in these laws, and act accordingly, within the correct reporting timeframe, and in compliance with all the necessary paperwork and filings due.”

State and Federal Communications accomplishes this task several ways. First, it offers clients a subscription-based website with five different political compliance publications. These ‘I COMPLY’ publications cover the gamut of compliance regulations in the United States at the Federal level, in the States, in more than 300 municipalities, and also in Canada, and in Europe. They are updated daily by a team of compliance attorneys and support staff that researches and diligently monitors the latest changes occurring in all these localities, and communicates this to clients through an array of emails, blogs, webposts, and newsletters.

Secondly, State and Federal Communications offers ALERTSTM, a customized compliance consulting service tailored specifically to a company’s public affairs and lobbying strategies. Ms. Bartz says, “ALERTSTM began in 1985 as our clients and their lobbyists began asking us to track and file their required compliance reports in the states, ensuring these were done accurately and on a timely basis. We answered with a program to fulfill their critical needs. Today, our clients are comfortable knowing that their lobbyists and their organizations are appropriately registered and that we are filing accurate and on-time activity reports for their federal, state, and municipal disclosure requirements. This turn-key service can involve hundreds of reports that are due each year that must be completed accurately and on time.”

The backbone of the State and Federal Communications organization revolves around the five “I COMPLY” publications, each focusing on a specific compliance area. Originally, dating as far back as the 1970s, the main source of information on compliance laws for lobbying and political contributions was through two print-based publications on lobbying, and political contributions. State and Federal Communications pioneered this information approach into an online website model where content could be quickly searched and easily updated. Then, a third publication evolved around procurement lobbying that covers compliance rules as organizations sell products or services to governmental entities. A fourth publication followed covering all the political compliance laws in Canada. And in 2018, the company launched its fifth online compliance publication highlighting political compliance laws in the European Union and a number of individual countries in Europe.

Ms. Bartz adds that the lobbying industry and the rules surrounding the profession have changed dramatically through the years. “First, there is so much more money being spent on lobbying now. And there is more scrutiny too for companies to act properly and be good corporate citizens. Companies have become more transparent in their lobbying and contributions work so mistakes can get magnified, not just in the mainstream media, but through all the social media outlets. Our company’s vigilance in continually checking and communicating the changes in compliance regulations is a valuable service to our clients, and will drive the growth of our company going forward for the next 25 years.”

The Washington, D.C. event today is the second of the company’s celebrations. The first on June 28, 2018 was held at the company’s headquarters in Akron, Ohio for employees, clients, friends and local dignitaries.

State and Federal Communications’ serves approximately 100 of the Fortune 500 companies and a number of trade, professional organizations, associations, and legal and consulting firms engaged in lobbying and campaign finance initiatives from its offices in Akron, Ohio and Washington, D.C. For more information, visit:


Elizabeth Z. Bartz, President and CEO

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Founded in 1993, State and Federal Communications, Inc. provides government compliance information and consulting to many of the Fortune 500 companies; to trade, labor, and professional associations; and to corporate and contract lobbyists in all 50 states. The firm's in-house staff of attorneys is expert in state, federal, and municipal laws regarding lobbying, political contributions, and procurement lobbying. The company distributes accurate, comprehensive, and timely information through online and printed resources, which its clients rely on to maintain compliance with laws in all 50 states, the federal government, and more than 125 municipalities. For more information, visit


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