January 10, 2013 •

Minnesota Sets Special Election Dates

Date Ensures that College Students May Participate

Gov. Mark Dayton
Governor Mark Dayton

Governor Mark Dayton has set special election dates for two house seats after the incumbents turned in their resignations on January 7.

The special elections for the house seats in districts 14A and 19A will take place on February 12.

The special primary, if necessary, will take place on January 29. Both districts are home to large college student populations, so the governor decided to ensure that as many students as possible would be back for the election.

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August 24, 2012 •

Minnesota Calls a Special Session of the Legislature

Legislature expected to pass flood relief package

Minnesota State CapitolThe state legislature will convene a special session Friday afternoon to approve a flood relief package for parts of the state which were devastated by summer flooding. The session will convene at 2:00 p.m. and must end by 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning.

The legislature will vote on a $167.5 million relief package, but it is expected to pass without issue. Governor Mark Dayton and the legislative leaders have already agreed on the package and the deal restricts any other legislators from making changes to the bill.

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August 7, 2012 •

Minnesota Special Session Tentatively Scheduled for August 24th

Legislature to distribute relief to flood ravaged areas

Gov. Mark Dayton
Governor Mark Dayton

Governor Mark Dayton and the leaders of the state legislature have tentatively agreed on August 24 for a special session date. The legislature will convene in order to appropriate monies to disaster relief for counties that were ravaged by flooding earlier this year.

The date is still tentative as the final damage numbers are still being totaled. The federal government will supply 75% of the funding if the state picks up the last 25% of the cost.

Once the final numbers are set, Governor Dayton will have to officially call the legislature back to work.

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April 23, 2012 •

Today’s Lobbying News Roundup

Keep up with the latest lobbying news with these articles:

lobbyingBig lobbying spending dips” by Dave Levinthal in Politico.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Continues to Spend Heavily on Lobbying, Filings Show” by Kate Ackley in Roll Call.

K Streeters Adjusting to Loss of Earmarks” by Kate Ackley in Roll Call.

Fears of lame-duck session in Congress could boost K Street’s bottom line” by Kevin Bogardus and Rachel Leven in The Hill.

California: “How to wire a state capital” by Charles Mahtesian in Politico.

California: “AT&T wields enormous power in Sacramento” by Shane Goldmacher and Anthony York in The Los Angeles Times.

Minnesota: “Not all laws come from high-powered lobbying campaigns” by John Reinan in the MinnPost.

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March 26, 2012 •

Lobbying News Roundup

Gen X on K Street, the Obama staff revolving door, the latest news in Illinois lobbying reform, spending in Massachusetts and Minnesota, and more:


Generation X joining K Street” by Jonathan Allen and Jennifer Martinez in Politico.

Administration Staffers Head Out the Revolving Door” by Kate Ackley in Roll Call.

In the States

Illinois: “Illinois Senate panel blocks lobbyist ethics legislation” by Shannon McFarland (Associated Press) in the Jacksonville Journal Courier.

Illinois: “Lobbying reforms buried in subcommittee” by Rick Miller in Capitol Fax.

Iowa: “Iowa’s lobbying free-for-all” by Jason Clayworth and Jeffrey Kummer in the Des Moines Register.

Massachusetts: “AP: Mass. health care 5-year lobbying topped $51M” by Steve LeBlanc (Associated Press) in Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Minnesota:  “$61M spent on lobbying in 2011” by Matt Herbert in Minnesota Daily.

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March 14, 2012 •

Redistricting News Roundup

Here are articles from four states:

U.S. mapFlorida: “Lawmakers ready to tackle redistricting during special session” by Bill Kaczor (Associated Press) in Florida Today.

Florida: “Legislators return for special session to redraw rejected Senate map” by Mary Ellen Klas The Miami Herald.

Florida: “Senate Re-Redistricting Plan Is Flawed, Says State Dem Chair” by Brandon Larrabee in Sunshine Slate.

Kansas: “Kansas lawmakers face votes on redistricting plans” by The Associated Press in the Wichita Eagle.

Minnesota: “Redistricting maps give DFL advantage in legislative races, but …” by Eric Black on MinnPost.com.

New York: “An Update on New York Redistricting” by Thomas Kaplan in The New York Times.

New York: “Silver bristles at Cuomo slap at NY Legislature” by The Associated Press in The Wall Street Journal.

New York: “New York: Redistricting End Is Nigh” by Joshua Miller in Roll Call.

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November 15, 2011 •

Minnesota Campaign Finance Board Discusses Electronic Filing

Board’s December Meeting to Address Specific Procedures

Minnesota State CapitolMINNESOTA:  The Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board released a memo concerning electronic filing of campaign finance reports.  Electronic filing of campaign finance reports will be mandatory for most committees beginning with reports covering calendar year 2012. The electronic filing requirement does not apply to 2011 year-end reports.

Additionally, the waiver of electronic filing request process will be discussed at the Board’s December 2011 meeting.

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October 4, 2011 •

Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board Releases Guidance on Ballot Initiatives

Guidelines Detail When Donor Disclosure Necessary

MinnesotaThe Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board released a statement of guidance that details when groups are required to disclose donors who support or oppose a ballot initiative.

The guidelines suggest that a group that is involved in multiple activities including the support or opposition of ballot initiatives must determine how much of a contribution is directed to a ballot initiative influencing effort.  Money specifically designated for ballot question expenditure purposes and money given in response to an express or implied solicitation to support a group’s campaign to promote or defeat a ballot question is considered a contribution for the purpose of promoting or defeating a ballot question which requires donor disclosure.

The Campaign Finance Board will consider adopting the guidelines at its next meeting.

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July 20, 2011 •

Budget Bills Approved to Reopen Minnesota Government

Special Session Adjourns

Minnesota flag sectionThe special legislative session called on Tuesday by Governor Mark Dayton adjourned at 3:43 a.m. Wednesday morning.

The Legislature passed 12 budget bills that were signed by Governor Dayton in order to reopen state government.

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July 19, 2011 •

Minnesota Governor Calls Legislature to Special Session

Session to Address Budget Agreement

Minnesota Governor Mark DaytonMinnesota Governor Mark Dayton has called a special legislative session to begin today at 3 p.m. for a vote on a budget agreement that would end the state’s government shutdown.

Governor Dayton stated that some state agencies could re-open as early as Wednesday if the budget agreement is finalized.

Photo of the Minnesota State Capitol dome by Mulad on Wikipedia.

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July 11, 2011 •

News You Can Use Digest – July 11, 2011

Here are highlights from the latest edition of News You Can Use:

News You Can Use logo






IRS Drops Audits of Political Donors

New Breed of ‘Super PACs,’ Other Independent Groups Could Define 2012 Campaign

From the States and Municipalities:


Alabama Democratic Conference Files Lawsuit to Stop New Alabama Law Banning Political Fund Transfers


Arizona Conservatives Scramble after Campaign Finance Law’s Defeat


Marijuana Lobbyist’s Fundraiser for DA Raises Questions

Veil Drawn on Donors to Latino Caucus-Controlled California Nonprofit


Agent Who Arrested Politicians Now Seeks House Seat


Lobby Late Fees Add Up


Mayor Rahm Emanuel Proposing New Round of Ethics Reforms


Judge Upholds New Iowa Campaign Disclosure Rules


House Leader Apologizes for Holocaust Remarks


Justices Stop Political Gifts Taken at Work


Campaign Board Rejects NOM’s Efforts to Shield Donors in Marriage Battle


Lobbying Law on Hold

South Carolina

Lt. Gov. Ard Paying $48,000 Fine


Ex-Prisons Chief Eldon Vail Says He Resigned Because of an Affair with Subordinate


Jim SedorState and Federal Communications produces a weekly summary of national news, offering more than 80 articles per week focused on ethics, lobbying, and campaign finance.

News You Can Use is a news service provided at no charge only to clients of our online Executive Source Guides, or ALERTS™ consulting clients.

Jim Sedor is editor of News You Can Use.

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May 24, 2011 •

Minnesota Legislature Adjourns

A special session will be necessary.

The regular session of the Minnesota Legislature adjourned the evening of May 23, 2011.

A special session will be necessary to avoid a state government shutdown at the end of June, as no budget compromise was reached during the regular session.

The Governor has until June 6, 2011 to act on bills passed by the Legislature.

Photo of the Minnesota State Capitol dome by Mulad on Wikipedia.

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May 17, 2011 •

Another Victory for Minnesota’s Corporate Campaign Finance Disclosure Law

Court of Appeals Affirms Lower Court Decision

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed a decision of the District Court which upheld a new Minnesota law that revealed political donations from several corporations. The law was enacted in May of 2010 after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United freed businesses to spend corporate money on elections, overturning restrictions on corporate political spending in about half the states, including Minnesota. Minnesota lawmakers responded by enacting disclosure requirements to publicize corporate campaign spending.

In affirming the decision, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals disagreed with claims that Minnesota’s disclosure requirements effectively prohibit corporate independent expenditures and impose burdensome regulations that inhibit free speech.  The Court continued that Minnesota’s regulations are similar to laws upheld by the Supreme Court and the regulations on corporate independent expenditures are less burdensome than federal regulations on PACs.

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November 17, 2010 •

Gubernatorial Recount Spurs Campaign Finance Staff Opinion

Minnesota Campaign Finance Board Finds Recount Fund Exempt From Registration and Reporting Requirements.

The Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board provided guidance on questions relating to funding of recount efforts, in light of the gubernatorial recount scheduled to begin November 29th.

The board concluded that contributions to a recount fund made by a candidate’s principal campaign committee, a party unit, or a political committee do not require registration and reporting in accordance with Minnesota law.  The board clarified that this opinion does not allow a recount fund to accept contributions from lobbyists or lobbyist principals without further seeking an Advisory Opinion from the Board concerning the application of Minnesota’s gift law.

Map of Minnesota from the National Atlas of the United States on Wikipedia.

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