Federal and State Government Reactions to COVID-19

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, the Federal and State governments are taking precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. See the responses being taken in the articles below.

United States Federal Government

U.S. Capitol Limits Access to Public Over Virus Concerns

FEC Will Delay Processing Reports and Requests Submitted by Mail

FEC Adjusts Some Reporting Dates for Postponed Elections


Canadian Parliament to Adjourn Until At Least April 20

National Assembly of Quebec Announces Adjournment of Legislative Session

The Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories Adjourns Until May

Ontario Lawmakers Call Emergency Sitting With Planned Social Distancing

Saskatchewan Lawmakers Recess Because of Coronavirus Pandemic

Canadian Parliament to Reconvene to Address Coronavirus

Yukon Legislature to Convene October 1

British Columbia Legislative Committees Videoconferencing

April Sitting of Prince Edward Island Legislature Postponed Due to Coronavirus

Lawmakers in Newfoundland and Labrador Adjourn Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Quebec National Assembly Extends Adjournment


Alabama Ethics Commission to Operate with Minimal Staff

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill Seeks Postponement of March 31 Runoffs

Alabama Postpones Runoff Elections

Alabama Legislature Suspends Legislative Session

Alabama Legislature Delays Its Return


Alaska Public Offices Commission Limited Office Closure

Alaska Governor Declares Public Health State of Emergency

Alaska Shifts to Mail-In Primary Due to COVID-19


Arizona Legislature Approves $50 Million Relief Package, Recesses for Three Weeks


Arkansas Lawmakers Suspend Legislative Council Meetings

Arkansas Governor Calls Special Legislative Session


San Francisco Ethics Commission Offices Will Be Closed During Public Health Order

California Legislature Suspends Session in Response to COVID-19

Fair Political Practices Commission Offers Guidance on Form 700 Deadline in Wake of COVID-19

FPPC Offers Guidance on Campaign Finance Filings in Wake of COVID-19

Gov. Newsom Issues Executive Order Calling for Vote-By-Mail for Upcoming Elections

FPPC Offers Guidance on Behested Payment Reporting in Wake of COVID-19

Fair Political Practices Commission Extending Form 700 Deadline Due to COVID-19

California Legislature Extends Recess to May 4 Due to COVID-19 Concerns

FPPC Offers Guidance on Lobbying Filing Deadlines in Wake of COVID-19

California Becomes First State to Mail Ballots to All Voters for November Election


Colorado Adjourns Until March 30 Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Colorado Secretary of State’s Office Suspends In-Person Services

Despite Capitol Shutdown, Colorado Lawmakers Are Considering COVID-19 Responses

Colorado General Assembly Meets Briefly on March 30

Colorado Lawmakers Plan to Resume Session May 18

Colorado General Assembly Extends Legislative Suspension


Connecticut Governor Declares State of Emergency In Response to Coronavirus

Connecticut Governor Postpones Presidential Primary Election until June

Connecticut Office of State Ethics Announces Quarterly Report Grace Period

Connecticut Lawmakers Extend Postponement of Session

Connecticut Lawmakers Extend Postponement

Connecticut Governor Reschedules Primary to August

Connecticut General Assembly Announces Session Will Not Reconvene

Connecticut Ethics Commission Announces Filing Extensions

District of Columbia

No Late Fees for DC Lobbyist Reports due April 15


Delaware Lawmakers Postpone Legislative Session

Delaware General Assembly Postpones Session Until Further Notice

Delaware Governor Postpones Upcoming Elections

Delaware Governor Delays Presidential Primary


Georgia General Assembly Halts Session

Georgia March Primary Postponed

Georgia Governor Recalls General Assembly for Single Day Special Session

Georgia Campaign Finance Commission Adopts COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Georgia Secretary of State Postpones Presidential and State Primary to June 9

Campaign Finance Commission Upholds Ban of Contributions During Suspended Session

Georgia Lawmakers Propose Two Potential Dates to Reconvene Session


Guam Legislature Postpones Session Indefinitely


Hawaii Lawmakers Recess Due to COVID-19 Concerns

Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission Operating, Taking Precautions Against COVID-19

Hawaii Ethics Commission Postpones March 19 Administrative Rule Hearing

Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission Closes to the Public

Hawaii State Ethics Commission To Consider Lobbyist Filing Extension

Hawaii Ethics Commission Issues Lobbyist Filing Extension

Hawaii Proposed Administrative Rule Hearing Rescheduled for May 7

Hawaii Postpones Presidential Primary Election

Hawaii Ethics Commission Further Extends Deadline for Lobbyist Reports


Idaho House Adjourns, Ending Legislative Session

Idaho’s May Primary Election Won’t Be Delayed, Deadline for Absentee Ballots Pushed Back


Illinois Extends All Filing Deadlines 30 Days

Illinois Cancels Legislative Sessions and All Events at the Capitol Through Next Week

Chicago Board of Ethics Responds to COVID-19

Illinois Lawmakers Cancel A Second Week of Legislative Sessions

Illinois Further Extends All Filing Deadlines

No Report From the Illinois Joint Commission on Ethics and Lobbying Reform

Chicago Extends Deadline for First Quarter Lobbyist Activity Reports

Iowa Legislature Will Remain Adjourned Until June 3


Indiana Delays Primary to June 2

Indiana Lobby Registration Commission Update

Indiana Election Commission Suspends Normal Requirements for Absentee Ballots

Indiana Lobby Registration Commission Extends First Period Activity Report Filing Deadline


Iowa Suspends Legislative Session

Iowa Legislature Adjourned Until April 15

Iowa Legislature Will Remain Adjourned Until April 30

Iowa Filing Deadlines Remain Unchanged


Kansas Lawmakers Postpone Session Until Late April


Kentucky Legislative Session Continues As Scheduled with Precautions

Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission Requests Filing Via Fax or Email

Kentucky Delays Primary Until June 23

Kentucky General Assembly to Reconvene on April 14


Louisiana Further Postpones Primary Election until July 11

Lousiana Legislature Suspends Session

Louisiana Postpones Presidential Primary

Louisiana Prepares Spending Package for Coronavirus Concerns

Louisiana Capitol Building Screens Visitors for COVID-19

Louisiana Legislature Recesses Indefinitely As COVID-19 Concerns Grow

Louisiana Lawmakers Resume Regular Session


Maine Legislature Announces Suspension of Legislative Session

Maine Legislature Adjourns Sine Die


Maryland’s April Primary Elections Postponed

Maryland General Assembly to End Session Early

Maryland General Assembly Closed to the Public Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Maryland General Assembly Adjourns


Massachusetts Lawmakers Postpone March 31 Elections


Michigan Adopts Procedural Changes in Response to Coronavirus

Michigan Encourages Absentee Voting in May 5 Elections


Minnesota Lawmakers Scheduled to Convene March 26

Minnesota Legislature Adjourns Sine Die


Mississippi Legislature Halts Session Over COVID-19 Concerns

Mississippi Legislature Delays Reconvening Session

Mississippi Legislature to Reconvene Session on May 1


Missouri Senate to Recess Over Coronavirus

Missouri Postpones Municipal Elections Until June 2

St. Louis Mayor Requests Postponement of Special Election

St. Louis Special Election Scheduled for June 23


Montana Governor Allowing Counties to Conduct Upcoming Elections by Mail


Nebraska Suspends Legislative Session

Nebraska Lawmakers Considering Brief Return to Approve Emergency Funding

Nebraska Legislature Reconvened for Emergency Funding Session


Nevada opts to Conduct All Voting in June Primary Election by Mail in Wake of COVID-19

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Legislature Suspends Legislative Activities

New Hampshire Legislature Extends Suspension of Legislative Session

New Hampshire Legislature Suspends Legislative Session Until May

New Hampshire General Court Suspends Legislative Activities Indefinitely

New Jersey

New Jersey Legislature Cancels All Meetings after March 19

New Jersey Governor Postpones Elections until May

New Jersey Commission Providing Grace Period For Business Entities Affected By State Emergency

New Jersey Governor Reschedules Primary Election Until July

New Mexico

New Mexico Governor Likely to Call Special Session

New York

New York Legislature Postpones Session

NYC Mayor de Blasio Postpones Queens Special Election

New York JCOPE Announces Extension for Bimonthly Reports

NY JCOPE Announces Accommodations for COVID-19 Issues

NYC City Clerk Provides Extension for Lobbyist Report

New York Governor Reschedules April 28 Elections

New York JCOPE Announces Extension And Temporary Procedures

New York JCOPE Suspends Lobbying Random Audit Program

New York Nassau County Attorney Announces Extension For Lobbyist Report

New York Suffolk County Clerk Announces Procedures for Periodic Reports

New York Governor Reschedules June Special Elections

New York Board of Elections Cancels Presidential Primary

New York District Judge Orders Presidential Primary to be held in June

North Carolina

North Carolina Runoff Election Postponed

North Carolina Secretary of State to Allow Late Filing of First Quarter Reports

Northern Marina Islands

Northern Mariana Islands Suspends Legislative Operations


Ohio Primary Delayed By Health Department Order

Gov. Mike DeWine Seeks to Delay Ohio Primary Election

Ohio Voting for Primary Elections by Mail Only

Governor Signs Bill Making Ohio Voting for Primary Elections by Mail Only

Ohio Ethics Commission Extends Financial Disclosure Statement Deadline

Lawsuit Challenges New Ohio Presidential, State Primary Election Date and Procedures

Federal Judge Declined to Change Ohio’s Election Plan


Oklahoma Lawmakers to Hold Meeting on Coronavirus

Oklahoma Governor Calls Special Legislative Session


Oregon Legislators Call for Special Session to Deal with Coronavirus Pandemic

Portland Auditor Extends Lobbyist Filing Deadline


Pennsylvania Lawmakers Pass Bill to Reschedule Primary

Pennsylvania Governor Grants Extension For Lobbying Reports

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Considers Unpaid Emergency Leave for Private Sector Employees

Puerto Rico Postpones Presidential Primary, Special Election

Puerto Rico Delays Democratic Presidential Primary A Second Time

Rhode Island

Rhode Island General Assembly Extends Postponement

Rhode Island Legislative Leaders Announce One Week Closure

Rhode Island General Assembly Postpones Session for Another Week

Rhode Island Governor to Postpone Presidential Primary

Rhode Island General Assembly Cancels Sessions For Another Week

Rhode Island General Assembly Extends Postponement

Rhode Island General Assembly Extends Delay of Session


Utah Democrats, GOP Cancel In-person State Conventions

Utah Legislature Adjourns, Responds to COVID-19

South Carolina

South Carolina Governor Postpones County Elections

South Carolina Legislature Set to Meet on April 8

South Carolina General Assembly Set to Reconvene on May 12

South Dakota

South Dakota Considering Postponing Elections

South Dakota Adjourns After Postponing Election


Texas Governor Postpones Senate District 14 Special Election

Emergency Order Extends Austin Lobbyist Quarterly Reporting Deadline

Texas Governor Encourages Local Governments to Postpone Uniform Election

Texas Postpones May Primary Runoff Elections in Response to COVID-19

Austin City Clerk’s Office Closes to the Public

Emergency Order Extends Austin Lobbyist Quarterly Reporting Deadline


Utah Convenes Online for Emergency Special Session to Address COVID-19

Utah Governor Plans to Call Special Legislative Session to Address COVID-19 Concerns


Vermont Legislature Adjourns Until March 24


Telework Policies and Travel Ban for Virginia Employees

Virginia Governor Requesting Delay of May Municipal Elections

Virginia Elections Postponed


Washington Legislature Adjourns Sine Die, Ups COVID-19 Funding

Washington Governor Signs Political Contribution Bill

West Virginia

West Virginia Postpones Primary until June 9


Wisconsin Ethics Commission Update

Ruling Expected Soon In Case Seeking To Delay Wisconsin Election

Wisconsin Lawmakers to Consider Postponing Presidential Primary

Wisconsin Still Planning to Vote on April 7

Wisconsin Governor Issues Order to Delay Election

Wisconsin Moves Forward with Primary; Absentee Deadline Today


Wyoming Democrats Cancel In-Person Portion of Caucus Because of COVID-19

Wyoming Legislature Wraps Up Legislative Session

Wyoming Democrats Change Mail-In Date for Caucus

Wyoming Governor Calls Special Session