2017 Nunavut Leadership Forum To Meet on November 17

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On November 17, the 2017 Nunavut Leadership Forum will meet to select the speaker, premier, and members of the Executive Council. The selection will be made by secret ballot by all 22 Nunavut Legislative Assembly Members (MLAs), who were all recently elected this fall.

A vote for the speaker will be the first order of business, according to a press release by the Legislative Assembly’s Caucus. The Speaker-Elect will preside over the remainder of the proceedings, beginning with the election of the premier. Nominated candidates will be permitted to deliver formal speeches and MLAs who are not candidates will be permitted to ask questions.

The forum will be held in the Chamber of the Legislative Assembly, will be open to the public to observe from the Visitors’ Gallery, and will be televised live across the territory on local community cable stations and direct-to-home satellite services. The caucus has decided the Executive Council, also called the Cabinet, will consist of eight members (the premier and seven ministers).

The Legislative Assembly’s Caucus announced the date and format for the forum on November 14. The swearing-in ceremony for MLAs and the confirmations of the appointments will take place on November 21, the first sitting day of the 5th Legislative Assembly.