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Vermont Governor Signs Ethics Bill

Vermont Legislature Adjourns, Special Session Likely

Vermont Moves a Step Closer to Creating a State Ethics Commission

Vermont Governor’s Staffers Urged to Avoid Sharing a Pint with Lawmakers, Lobbyists

Vermont Increases Contribution Limits

Vermont Legislation Looks to Strengthen State Ethics Laws

Joint Committee Formed to Improve Vermont’s Campaign Finance Rules

Lieutenant Governor Wins Vermont Gubernatorial Race

Vermont Lawmakers Return for a One-Day Veto Session

Vermont General Assembly Adjourns 2016 Session

Vermont Governor Approves Changes to Lobbyist Disclosure Requirements

Vermont Legislature Adjourns After Passing Lobbyist Disclosure Bill

Vermont Attorney General Receives Scrutiny Over Campaign Finance Disclosures

Governor of Vermont Reelected to Third Term

Vermont Launching Online System for Lobbyist Filings

Vermont Attorney General Candidate Calls for Pay-to-Play Ban

Vermont Attorney General Asked to Clarify Campaign Finance Law

Electronic Filing for Campaign Reports Now Available in Vermont

Super PAC Not Independent Enough to Escape Contribution Limits

Vermont Lobbying Law Changes Effective July 1

Vermont Attorney General Issues Additional Guidance on Contributions

Vermont Attorney General Officially Corrects Legislature’s Campaign Finance Error

Vermont May Establish Ethics Commission

Vermont Campaign Finance Bill Contains Significant Drafting Error

Vermont Enacts New Contribution Limits

Vermont Legislature Adjourns After Passing State Budget

Potential Vermont Legislation May Increase PAC Disclosures

Vermont Attorney General Clarifies Independent Expenditure PAC Contribution Limits

Vermont Campaign Finance Database Two Years Away

Federal Judge Upholds Vermont Contribution Limits on PACs

Here is the Latest Redistricting News

Vermont Voters Call for Amendment Concerning Corporate Personhood

Bill Proposes Lobbyist Statute Alterations in Vermont

Lawmakers Tapping Into Their Social Media Resources