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News You Can Use – October 12, 2018

Utah to Hold Special Session Following November Elections

VA Lawmakers Cancel Redistricting Session

Wisconsin Legislature to Hold Extraordinary Session

North Carolina to Hold Special Session for Hurricane Recovery

South Dakota Holds Special Session

Missouri Special Session Adjourns

Maine Special Session Adjourns

Special Session Set for Missouri

Mississippi Special Session Adjourns

North Carolina Begins Second Special Session

North Carolina Legislators Mull Special Session

Virginia Governor Calls Special Session to Redraw Districts

Mississippi Announces Special Session

Special Session Called for South Dakota

News You Can Use Digest – August, 3, 2018

NYCU Video Digest – July 27, 2018

Nebraska Committee Decides Special Session Not Required for Tax Rates

North Carolina Lawmakers Convene Special Session

NYCU Video Digest – July 20, 2018

Utah State Legislature Adjourns Special Session

Utah Governor Announces Special Session

Montana Lawmakers Reject Special Session

Hawaii Senate Confirms Judicial Nominees

NYCU Video Digest – July 13, 2018

New Hampshire Lawmakers Called into Special Session

Ontario, Canada Lawmakers to Meet July 11

NYCU Video Digest – July 6, 2018

Puerto Rico Convenes Extraordinary Session

North Carolina Legislature Adjourns

Montana Legislators to Hold Vote to Have Special Session

Delaware Legislature Adjourns Sine Die after All-Night Fight

Vermont Special Session Adjourns Sine Die

West Virginia Governor Calls Special Session to Begin Impeachment for Indicted Justice

NYCU Video Digest – June 22, 2018

News You Can Use Digest – June 22, 2018

Special Session Called for Maine

Louisiana to Convene Third Special Session

Potential Special Session on the Horizon for Maine

New Hampshire Legislature Recesses

Louisiana Legislature Adjourns Special Session

Illinois Legislature Adjourns Spring Session

NYCU Video Digest – May 25, 2018

Vermont Lawmakers Reconvene for Special Session

West Virginia Legislature Adjourns Special Legislative Session

Oregon Legislature Adjourns One-day Special Session

South Carolina Legislature to Reconvene This Week for Two-Day Session

West Virginia Governor Calls for Special Legislative Session

Minnesota Legislature Adjourns Sine Die

NYCU Video Digest – May 18, 2018

Louisiana Legislature to Adjourn Early in Favor of Special Session

Vermont Governor Calls Special Session

Indiana Convenes and Adjourns Special Session

Vermont Legislature Adjourns Sine Die and Passes Electioneering Bill

The Kansas Legislature Adjourns Sine Die

Alaska Legislature Adjourns Legislative Session

NYCU Video Digest – May 11, 2018

Colorado General Assembly Adjourns Sine Die

Connecticut General Assembly Adjourns Sine Die

Oklahoma Legislature Adjourns Sine Die

Iowa Session Adjourns Sine Die

NYCU Video Digest – May 4, 2018

Hawaii Legislature Adjourns Sine Die

Arizona Legislature Adjourns Sine Die

Missouri Lawmakers Will Consider Impeachment During Special Legislative Session

Maine Legislature Adjourns Sine Die

Oregon Governor Calls Special Legislative Session for May 21

Indiana Special Session set for May 14th

NYCU Video Digest – April 20, 2018

Utah Adjourns Veto Session Sine Die

Nebraska Legislature Adjourn Sine Die

Kentucky Legislature Adjourned Sine Die Over the Weekend

NYCU Video Digest – April 13, 2018

Maryland General Assembly Adjourns Sine Die

Kansas Legislature Adjourns Until April 26

NYCU Video Digest – April 6, 2018

Mississippi Legislature Adjourned Sine Die

Georgia General Assembly Adjourns 2018 Legislative Session

West Virginia Governor Planning to Call a Special Legislative Session in May

Alabama Legislature Adjourns Sine Die

NYCU Video Digest – March 30, 2018

Idaho Legislature Adjourns 2018 Legislative Session

South Dakota Legislature Adjourns 2018 Session

Indiana Special Session Likely to be Called

Wyoming Legislature Adjourns

Indiana General Assembly Adjourns Sine Die

NYCU Video Digest – March 16, 2018

Arkansas Special Session Ends with Announcement from Governor

Virginia Special Session Called

Arkansas Fiscal Session Adjourns with Special Session to Follow

Florida Legislature Adjourns Sine Die

West Virginia Legislature Adjourns

Washington Legislature Adjourns

Virginia Legislative Session Adjourns

NYCU Video Digest – March 9, 2018

Oregon Legislature Adjourns

Special Session of the Louisiana Legislature Adjourns

Special Session for Arkansas to Follow Fiscal Session

Louisiana Special Session Convenes

NYCU Video Digest – February 16, 2018