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Pennsylvania Governor Introduces Ethics Reform Plan

Missouri Senate Considering Lobbyist Gift Restrictions

Tallahassee Commissioners Adopt Stricter Gifts Laws for City Officials

New Jersey Governor Signs Code of Conduct Executive Order for Self, Future Governors

Missouri House Passes Lobbyist Gift Reforms

Arizona Corporation Commission Proposes Lobbyist Gift and Food Ban for Commissioners

San Jose Passes Ordinance to Amend Gift Law

San Jose, CA Council Adopts Weekly Lobbyist Reporting Ordinance; Rejects Gift Limit Increase

San Jose, CA Lobbyist Reporting and Gift Ordinances Set for Final Reading

Wisconsin Legislator to Introduce Campaign Finance Package

Several Ethics Bills Introduced in Michigan

Arkansas Lobbyists Prohibited from Giving Loans to Constitutional Officers

Virginia Governor Approves Changes to Gift Rules

Ask The Experts – Giving Gifts to University Officials and Employees

South Dakota Governor Signs IM 22 Replacement Measures

Two Ethics Bills Signed by Arkansas Governor

Denver City Council Amends Gift Laws

South Dakota House Passes Gift Restriction Bill

Nebraska Senator Renews Effort to Ban Lobbyist-Provided Meals in the Capitol

Denver City Council Delays Ethics Changes

Independent Ethics Commission Puts Municipalities on Notice In Battle Over Gift Rules

Missouri Ethics Bill Moves Through House

Missouri Attorney General Issues New Ethics Policy

Indiana Bill To Ban Gifts From Lobbyists

Amendments to Federal Gift Rules Effective January 1, 2017

Additional Ethics Laws Take Effect Today in NH

First Hearing Set in Court Challenge Against South Dakota’s Initiated Measure 22

Amendments to Federal Gift Rules Effective January 1, 2017

Philadelphia, PA Mayor Signs Executive Order Amending Ban on Gifts

Chicago Board of Ethics Makes New Rule for Acceptance of Cubs Tickets

St. Louis, MO Board Passes Contribution Limits and Gift Reporting Legislation

Columbus, OH City Council Approves Emergency Legislation on Ethics

San Francisco, CA Voters to Decide on Lobbyist Restrictions

New York Bill Proposes Giving Limits

Ask the Experts – 2016 Party Conventions

Columbus Mayor Signs Executive Order on Ethics

Amended MSRB Rule G-20 Effective Today

SF Ethics Commission to Hold Interested Persons Meetings

Former Idaho Lawmaker Pushes for Ethics Changes

Virginia Senate Rejects Governor’s Amendments to Ethics Bills

Honolulu Charter Commission Considers Amending Gift Provisions

Pennsylvania Governor Advocates for Gift Ban for Legislators

Alexandria City Council Approves Initiative for Greater Ethical Standards

Ethics Bills Pass Missouri House Committee

Columbus Mayor Proposes New Lobbying and Campaign Finance Ordinances

California FPPC Adopts Amendment to Gift Regulation

Washington Legislative Ethics Board Clarifies Free Meals for Legislators

Broward County Commissioners Vote to Loosen Ethics Rules

Missouri Legislator Pre-files Ethics Reform Package

Canada’s New Lobbyists’ Code of Conduct to Take Effect December 1

Kentucky State Senator Files Suit Over Contribution Limits and Ban on Gifts from Lobbyists

California Bill Requiring Disclosure of Government Officials’ Travel Sent to Governor

MSRB Seeks Approval from SEC for Gift Rule Amendments

Ask the Experts – Conference Attendance and Gift Limits

Formation of Ethics Commission Being Considered in Orange County, CA

Amount Allowed to Spend on Louisiana Officials Increased by $2

WA Ethics Board Allows Free Tickets to U.S. Open

Virginia General Assembly Adjourns After Finalizing Ethics Bill

Arkansas Ethics Commission to Administer New Lobbying and Campaign Laws

Virginia General Assembly Will Reconvene Friday for Ethics Bill Vote

Virginia Governor Proposing Changes to Ethics Reform Bill

Georgia Commission Meets to Consider Rule Changes

Colorado Independent Ethics Commission Announces Increased Gift Limits

Georgia Ethics Commission Again Considers Rule Changes

Ethics Legislation Passed in Virginia

Missouri House Speaker Bans Lobbyist Meals in Committee Meetings

Pennsylvania Governor Signs Two Executive Orders Promoting Ethics Reform

Canada Consultation Period Ends for Revised Lobbyists’ Code

State and Federal Communications Develops Inaugurations Guide

State and Federal Adds Inaugural Coverage

House Ethics Committee Issues Holiday Gift Guidance

Oakland Council Set to Vote on New Ethics Rules

Missouri Attorney General Announces Self-Imposed Limits on Contributions and Gifts

Alaska Governor-Elect Walker to be Sworn In on December 1

Hawaii’s Gubernatorial Inauguration Scheduled for December 1

Virginia Ethics Panel Readies Recommendations for Governor

Arkansas Lawmakers Prefile Ethics Bill to Clarify Recent Changes

Pennsylvania Governor-Elect Wolf Bans Gifts to Transition Team

Arkansas Passes Ethics Constitutional Amendment

Canada Commissioner of Lobbying Announces Proposed Changes

MSRB to Create Gift Limits for Municipal Advisors

WA Ethics Board Limits Free Meals for Legislators

California FPPC Announces Proposed Amendments

Arkansas Ethics Ballot Measure Offers Tradeoff

Georgia Ethics Commissioners Discuss Path Forward

California Governor Vetoes Ethics Bills

Bipartisan Panel to Review Virginia Ethics Laws

Tougher Gift Limits Proposed for Arlington County

Ask the Experts – Disclosure Requirements for Permissible Expenditures

Georgia Commission Prepares to Amend Rules

California Bill to Prohibit Lobbyist Gifts Back to Senate

WA Ethics Board Votes to Allow Legislators 12 Free Meals Per Year

Ask the Experts – Lobbyist Gifts to Family Members of Public Officials

Kentucky Changes to Lobbying Gift Law Take Effect

Amount Allowed to Spend on Louisiana Officials Increases by $1 tomorrow

NY Establishes Ethics Tip Line

Ohio JLEC Issues Opinion on Tickets to Charitable Fundraisers

WA Legislative Ethics Board Considers Infrequent Occasions

California Senate Resolutions Strengthen Ethics Laws

Federal Widely Attended Gathering Gift Ceiling is Now $375