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Judge Orders Third Special Election for GA District

GA Announces Special Election for House District 176

GA Special Election for House District 5

Atlanta City Council Announces District 3 Special Election

GA Adjourns Special Session

GA Sets Special Election for House District 14

No Winner Declared in Georgia’s Gubernatorial Race

Georgia Governor Announces Special Session

Atlanta City Council Members Introduce Legislation Requiring Lobbyist Registration

Embattled Georgia Lawmaker Resigns

Georgia General Assembly Adjourns 2018 Legislative Session

Georgia House Passes Sexual Harassment Measure for Lobbyists

Georgia Secretary of State Sets Special Election

Special Elections Announced for Georgia House and Senate

Georgia’s Special Elections Calendar Continues to Grow

Georgia Special Election Called for House District 4

Special Elections Announced in Georgia

Georgia Special Election Announced for Open House Seat

Georgia Legislature Adjourns 2017 Regular Session

Special Election Set for Georgia Senate Opening

Georgia Sets Lobbyist Registration Renewal Period for 2017

Georgia Special Election Heading for a Runoff

Georgia Adjourns Legislative Session

Georgia Legislation Targets Contributions from State Vendors

Georgia Announces Proposed Changes to Lobbying, Campaign Finance Rules

Georgia Gov. Sets Special Election for State Senate Opening

Georgia Special Election Coming for Open State Senate Seat

Special Election Announced for Georgia House Vacancy

Special Election Set to Fill Vacant Georgia House Seats

Georgia Special Election Set for State House District 24

Georgia Special Election Called for House District 55

Georgia General Assembly Adjourns

Georgia Commission Reschedules New Rules Meeting

Georgia Special Election Set for HD 120

Georgia House District 120 Seat Soon to be Vacated

Georgia Ethics Commissioners Discuss Path Forward

Georgia Commission Prepares to Amend Rules

Georgia Purdue Will Face Nunn in November

Georgia Commission Settles Retaliation Claims

Georgia State Senator Balfour Loses Primary

Georgia Jury Awards Former Ethics Commission Director $700,000

Georgia Lawmakers Adjourn Sine Die

Georgia Lawmakers and Lobbyists Work with New Ethics Law

Georgia Governor Signs Bill to Change Assignment of Ethics Agency

Georgia Governor Signs Election Bill

Georgia Legislature Changes 2014 Election Dates

Georgia Lobbyist Gift Rules Set to Take Effect

Georgia Governor Schedules Special Elections

Georgia Lobbyist 2014 Renewals will be Denied for Outstanding Fines and Fees

Georgia Special Elections Scheduled for November 5

Georgia Governor Signs Lobbying and Campaign Finance Bills

Georgia Passes Ethics Bill with Lobbyist Gift Limits

Georgia Senate Approves Version of Ethics Bill

Taking Matters into Their Own Hands

Georgia House Passes Ethics Legislation

Georgia House Set to Consider on Ethics Bills

Georgia House Speaker Unveils Ethics Bill

Georgia Senate Caps Lobbyist Gifts at $100

Georgia State Senator Resigns

Georgia Lobbyists Must Pay Fines Before Re-registration

Georgia Alliance for Ethics Reform Begins Statewide Tour

Georgia House Speaker Favors Lobbyist Gift Ban

Georgia Voters Support Lobbyist Gift Limits

FEC Allows Text Message Contributions

Georgia House Seat Vacated

Lobbyist Gift Issue Makes the Georgia GOP Ballot

Governors and Ethics

Latest News in Ethics Oversight

Georgia House Provides Schedule

Georgia Bill to Remove Control of Ethics Commission from Legislators

Georgia Group Calls for Lobbyist Gift Limits

Georgia Special Elections On The Way

Georgia Inspector General Finds No Evidence against Gov. Deal

Georgia Ethics Commission Member Resigning

Georgia Special Election for House Seat

Georgia Special Election On Its Way

Special Election Set for Georgia Senate District 28

Sengova to Serve as Interim Ethics Officer in Atlanta

Georgia Adjourns Special Session

Georgia Ethics Commission Chooses LaBerge as New Executive Secretary

Caudell to Replace Belinfante at Georgia Ethics Commission

Vice-Chair Resigns from Georgia Ethics Commission

Executive Secretary Position Down to Two

News You Can Use Digest – August 1, 2011

State and Federal Communications Expands Coverage

Georgia to Convene Special Session

Atlanta’s Ethics Office to Lose Ethics Officer

News You Can Use Digest – July 11, 2011

Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission Postpones Meeting

Governor Deal’s Veto Deals “Flush” to SB 163; General Assembly Seeking “Full House” to Override

Georgia Ethics Bill Approved by Legislature on Final Day of Session

Georgia Ethics Loophole One-Step Closer to Being Closed

Georgia Governor Signs House Bill 232

Advisory Opinion in Georgia Clarifies Lobbyist Registration Statute

Timely Campaign Finance News from Georgia

Georgia Ethics Commission Issues Advisory Opinion No. 2010-06

Georgia Ethics Commission Advisory Opinion Coming

Will New Ethics Law Overwhelm the Georgia Ethics Commission?

State Ethics Commission Offering Training