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California Governor Signs Two Campaign Finance Bills

California Disclose Act Gets Closer to Passage

FPPC Votes to Change Recall Election Campaign Finance Rule

Proposed California Campaign Finance Regulation Faces Opposition from Lawmakers

FPPC Approves Amendments to Increase Gift and Campaign Contribution Limits

FPPC Approves Amendment Affecting Nonprofit Reporting

Increases Coming Soon for California’s Campaign Contribution and Gift Limits

California’s FPPC Proposes Regulation Affecting Nonprofits

FPPC Approves Amendment to Lobbyist Regulation

California FPPC to Review Political Reform Act

FPPC to Amend Lobbyist Regulation

California’s FPPC Narrows Lobbying Ride Along Exception

FPPC Proposes Amendment to Lobbying Ride Along Exception

California’s FPPC Tightens Reporting Regulations

California FPPC Adopts Amendment to Gift Regulation

California’s FPPC Proposes Regulations Affecting Lobbyist Reporting

FPPC Considers Proposals Concerning Enforcement Complaints

California’s FPPC Opposes Bill Reducing Disclosure Requirements

California FPPC Approves Regulation to Prohibit Lobbyist Fundraisers

California FPPC Adjusts Gift and Contribution Limits

California FPPC Announces Proposed Amendments

California Governor Appoints FPPC Chairwoman

California Governor Signs Bill to Increase Authority of FPPC

California Lawmakers Send FPPC Bill to Governor

Orange County, California Board Pursuing FPPC Enforcement

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California Governor Signs FPPC Bills

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California FPPC Votes in Executive Director

President to Nominate Two to FEC

California FPPC Introduces Gift Tracker App

California FPPC Chair Announces Review of Lobbying Disclosure

California FPPC Raises Limits for Gifts and Contributions

California County Allowed to Contract with the FPPC

California Lobbyist Reporting Regulation Amended

FPPC Passes New Gift Regulations

Lobbyist Frank Molina Fined $30,000 by FPPC

FPPC Issues Notice of Proposed Guidelines

FPPC Adopts Text Message Contribution Regulation

FPPC Releases Draft of Text Message Contribution Regulation

FPPC Issues Notices to Adopt Regulations

California’s FPPC to Hold Interested Persons’ Meeting