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Federal Government

Mississippi U.S. Senator to Retire

New York Congresswoman Louis Slaughter Passes Away

Foreign Agents Registration Amendments Act Introduced in US Senate

US House Bill Seeks to Regulate Presidential Inaugural Committee Spending

Bill Introduced to Establish FEMA Contractor Review

President Nominates New Head of the OGE Act of 2018 Procurement Information Bill Introduced in Senate

Federal Per Election Contribution Limits Upheld

Legislation Introduced in U.S. Congress to Strengthen FARA Enforcement

Bills introduced in U.S. Congress to Increase Transparency for Online Political Advertising

Ohio Congressman to Resign

OGE Director: Anonymous Contributions to Federal Employees’ Legal Defense Funds Prohibited

Recognizing the 10-Year Anniversary of HLOGA—Cheers

OGE: Federal Employee’s Legal Defense Funds May Possibly Accept Anonymous Contributions

President Nominates Trey Trainor for FEC Commissioner

Campaign Finance Riders in House Financial Services Appropriations Bill

Trump Nominates FEC Commissioner for Federal Judgeship

LNC File Suit Against FEC: Contribution Limits on Bequests

US House Joint Resolution 113 Proposes Constitutional Amendment for Campaign Finance Regulation

Foreign Agent Lobbying Transparency Enforcement Act Introduced in U.S. Senate

We the People Act of 2017 introduced in US Congress

Bill Introduced in U.S. House Would Require Cause for Firing OGE Director

Lobbyist Group Recommends Review of US Lobbying Laws

Director of US Ethics Office Resigns

Political Intelligence Transparency Act of 2017 Would Require Disclosure

Ask the Experts – Does the 5% de minimus Rule Apply to your LD-2 Quarterly Report?

“Close the Revolving Door Act of 2017” Would Enact Lifetime Lobbyist Ban on Members of Congress

US Spending Bill Has Campaign Finance Provisions

President Signs Executive Order Seeking to Allow More Political Activity from Tax-Exempt Religious Institutions Without Losing Their Tax-Exempt Status

Procurement Fraud Prevent Act Introduced in U.S. Senate

Proposed US Spending Bill Has Campaign Finance Amendments

US House Bill Would Place Congressional Salaries in Escrow if No Budget Passed

About our 47 U.S. Vice Presidents

House Bill Aims to Prohibit Foreign-Owned Corporations From Participating in US Elections

US House Bill – No US Funds for Trump Hotel Stays

GAO Report on Federal Contracting Trends

Trump Signs Executive Order Over Weekend Concerning Ethics of Appointees

Federal Bill Introduced Tying Ethics to State Administration of Federal Block Grant Programs

The Cost of the Inauguration

Cruz and DeSantis Propose Term Limit Constitutional Amendment

Trump Tweets Tumble House Ethics Change Proposal

Amendments to Federal Gift Rules Effective January 1, 2017

House to Vote to Change Congressional Ethics Office

FCC Chairman Wheeler Announces Resignation

U.S. Sen. Cruz Introduces SuperPAC Elimination Act of 2017

Amendments to Federal Gift Rules Effective January 1, 2017

Lobbyists Need Not Apply For High-Level Posts with Trump Administration

House Clerk’s Office Sends Out Late Notices to Lobbyists in Error

Florida Congresswoman Indicted on Ethics Charges

Annual GAO Report on Federal Lobbying Released

Bills Introduced Requiring Disclosure of Political Intelligence Activities

U.S. Sen. Tom Udall Moves to Replace FEC

Ask the Experts – Should we register if we have a federal lobbyist?

Federal Lobbyist Bundling Disclosure Threshold for Lobbyists Unchanged for 2016

D.C. Circuit Appeals Court Rules Against Van Hollen

NYT: President “Seriously Considering” Requiring Disclosure of Political Contributions by Federal Contractors

Appeal Against Ban on Contractor Contributions Denied by U.S. Supreme Court

Bill Wants Federal Officeholders to Stop Asking for Contributions

2016 Omnibus Appropriations Bill’s Campaign Finance Changes

Federal Appropriations Bill Has Campaign Finance Changes Included

Paul Ryan Elected as Speaker of the House

Ask the Experts – Federal Post-Employment Restrictions

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner Resigning in October

Obama Executive Order: Sick Leave for Federal Contract Workers

Hillary Clinton Supports Financial Services Conflict of Interest Act

New U.S. Senate Bill Closes Revolving Door & Requires More Lobbyist Disclosure

NYT: Draft Executive Order Requires Federal Contractors Provide Paid Sick Leave

Proposal to Change Federal Lobbying Laws

Philadelphia Congressman Indicted on Political Corruption Charges

The Lobbying and Campaign Finance Reform Act Introduced in U.S. Senate

Bill Proposes Lifetime Ban on Federal Lobbying for Members of Congress

Federal Omnibus Bill Allows Increased Political Contributions to Political Parties

House Ethics Committee Issues Holiday Gift Guidance

Sen. Bernie Sanders Introduced Bill to Create Federal Election Holiday

FINRA Proposed Pay-to-Play Rules

Court Challenge to SEC Pay-to-Play Rules Dismissed by Court

Appeals Court Hears Arguments Challenging Ban on Federal Contractors’ Political Contributions

OMB Relaxes Ban on Federal Lobbyists

Presidential Executive Order Prohibits Federal Contractors from Discriminating Against LGBT Employees

Don’t Miss the Senate Panel Hearing on Campaign Finance

Federal Widely Attended Gathering Gift Ceiling is Now $375

GAO Issues Report on Debarment Programs

Senate Committee to Hold Hearing in Response to McCutcheon and Citizens United

President Signs Executive Order to Curtail Compensation Discrimination

Bill Introduced in U.S. House Alters Lobbyist Disclosure Requirements

Obama Issues Executive Order Establishing Minimum Wage for Contractors

New Federal Rules for Contractorsʹ Employment of Veterans and Persons with Disabilities

Stop Unworthy Spending Act (SUSPEND Act) Introduced This Week

Safe Chemicals Stroller Brigade

New Federal Rules for Contractors’ Employment of Veterans and Persons with Disabilities

Regardless of An Employee’s State of Residency, U.S. OGE Now Interprets “Spouse” to Include Same-Sex Spouse

Bi-Partisan Campaign Finance Bill Introduced in U.S. Senate

President Obama’s State of the Union Address

The Presidential Inauguration from Every Angle

Federal Campaign Finance Legislation Introduced by Representative Kaptur

A Pay-to-Play Warning for Municipal Securities Firms

U.S. Senate Could Begin Electronic Campaign Filing

Who Were the One Term U.S. Presidents?

Federal Filings Are Due This Month

Today’s Government Ethics News