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Federal Election Commission

FEC Adjusts Penalty Amounts for Inflation

FEC Elects Caroline Hunter as Chairwoman

FEC Fines Federal Contractor for Contribution to Super PAC

Bills introduced in U.S. Congress to Increase Transparency for Online Political Advertising

FEC Seeks Comments Concerning Internet Communications Disclaimers

President Nominates Trey Trainor for FEC Commissioner

Trump Nominates FEC Commissioner for Federal Judgeship

FEC Launches Redesigned Website

Supreme Court Affirms Dismissal of Challenge of FEC Soft Money Regulations

House Bill Aims to Prohibit Foreign-Owned Corporations From Participating in US Elections

FEC Unable to Agree on Rulemaking Concerning Foreign Influence on Political Spending

Court Decision Concerning FEC Rule Limiting Disclosure for Certain Ads Stands

FEC Names New Acting General Counsel

Preliminary Injunction Order to be Issued Concerning Unauthorized Committee Naming

FEC Settles with Delegates Allowing Legal Representation from Corporate Nonprofits

FEC Dismisses Complaints Over Foreign Contributions in North Dakota

FEC Discusses Motion for Rule-Making Concerning Political Expenditures and Contributions from Foreign Nationals

FEC May Consider Motion for Rule-Making Concerning Certification of Certain Political Contributions

U.S. Sen. Tom Udall Moves to Replace FEC

Federal Lobbyist Bundling Disclosure Threshold for Lobbyists Unchanged for 2016

FEC Adds Memo Item to Disclosure Forms

D.C. Circuit Appeals Court Rules Against Van Hollen

FEC Selects Matthew Peterson as Chairman

FEC to Unveil Beta-Version of New Website on Thursday

Proposed FEC Rules Up for Public Comment

Contractor Contribution Constraints Continued by Court in Wagner v. FEC

Bill to Rework FEC Introduced in Congress

Lawsuit Alleges Presidential Debates Violate Election Law

North Dakota Democrats File FEC Complaint Over Foreign Contributions

FEC Hearing Concerning McCutcheon Decision Scheduled for Wednesday

Lobbyist Bundling Disclosure Threshold Increases to $17,600

FEC Adjusts Federal Contribution Limits for the 2015-2016 Election Cycle

Ann Ravel Selected as Next FEC Chairwoman

District Court Rules FEC Regulation Limiting Disclosure “Arbitrary, Capricious, and Contrary to Law”

National Convention Committees May Accept Political Contributions Separate from Contributions Given to National Party Committees

FEC to Finalize Rules in Response to Citizens United

Tuesday Lobbying and Campaign Finance News Update

FEC Working to Improve Its Website

FEC to Bring Rules into Compliance with Supreme Court Rulings

RNC Lawsuit: Let Political Parties Engage in Independent Expenditure Activity

FEC AO Concludes Bitcoins Contributions OK

McCutcheon Attorney Files New Lawsuit Challenging Federal Campaign Law

FEC Updates Lobbyist Bundling Disclosure Threshold

FEC Releases Legislative Recommendations

Bill Passes Extending FEC Ability to Impose Penalties

News You Can Use Digest – November 15, 2012

Tuesday Lobbying and Campaign Finance News Update

FEC Updates Policy for Requesting Consideration of Legal Questions by the Commission

Tuesday Lobbying and Campaign Finance News Update

Wednesday Government Relations News

Tuesday Lobbying and Campaign Finance News Update

Senate Confirms FEC Nominees

Monday News Roundup

McGahn Resigns from FEC

News You Can Use Digest – August 9, 2013

Tuesday Lobbying and Campaign Finance News

FEC Says Same-Sex Couples Can Make Joint Political Contributions

Tuesday Lobbying and Campaign Finance News

President to Nominate Two to FEC

Thursday News Roundup

FEC Issues Advisory Finding DOMA Limits Same-Sex Couple Contributions from Individual Accounts

Bi-Partisan Campaign Finance Bill Introduced in U.S. Senate

Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Aggregate Contribution Limits

Lobby Comply Weekend Report

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Campaign Finance Case

FEC Updates Contribution Limits

Monday News Roundup

FEC Issues Advisory Opinion Concerning Excess Funds to SuperPAC

Congress May Constitutionally Bar Federal Contractors from Contributing to Candidates

Contributions by Texting: The FEC Explains

Back to the FEC

FEC Advisory Opinion Addresses “Expressly Advocating”

News You Can Use Digest – August 3, 2012

More Disclosure Required by FEC

News on Disclosure Rules from the FEC

News You Can Use Digest – June 15, 2012

Texting Political Contributions Approved by FEC

FEC Allows Text Message Contributions

State and Federal to Sponsor Event Featuring FEC Chair Caroline Hunter

FEC Recommends Changes to Laws

FEC Issues Several Advisory Opinions

Preliminary Injunction Denied: Plaintiff federal contractors still prohibited from making federal political contributions

FEC Disclosure Regulation Declared Invalid

Highlighted Site of the Week – The FEC’s New Campaign Finance Disclosure Portal

News You Can Use – March 12, 2012 Arrives

Today’s Campaign Finance and Lobbying News Summary

Federal Lobbyist Bundling Disclosure Threshold Increased

DISCLOSE Act Returns for 2012

Highlighted Site of the Week – The FEC’s 2012 Campaign Finance Maps

Campaign Reform Advocates Petition the Obama Administration

Super PAC Donors Remain Unknown

FEC Split for Partisan and Personal Reasons

FEC Cannot Agree On American Crossroads’ Request

Federal Election Commission Meeting Today

News You Can Use – November 28, 2011

FEC Approves GivingSphere’s Mobile Platform Plan for Political Contributions

American Crossroads Wants Candidate Participation in its Ads

The FEC and the Oversight Hearing

Signs of Discontent