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Citizens United

Michigan Governor Signs Campaign Finance Bills into Law

Two Campaign Finance Bills Pass Michigan Legislature

California Proposition 59 to Overturn Citizens United Passes

St. Petersburg, FL Councilwoman Looking to Ban Super PACs

NYCU Video Digest – July 22, 2016

If Elected, Clinton to Propose Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United in First 30 Days

New York Lawmakers Call for Overturn of Citizens United

CA Voters to Weigh In on ‘Citizens United’ Ballot Question

New Hampshire Legislature to Consider Bill Concerning Citizens United

California Supreme Court Allows Advisory Measure on November 2016 Ballot

Montana Contribution Limits to Be Tested Again

Federal Appeals Court Rules for Citizens United

Federal Judge Rejects Citizen United’s Request for Preliminary Injunction

Citizens United Files Suit Against Colorado Secretary of State

Colorado Deputy Secretary of State Issues Decision on Petition for Declaratory Order

Senate Committee to Hold Hearing in Response to McCutcheon and Citizens United

Tuesday Lobbying and Campaign Finance News Update

Tuesday Lobbying and Campaign Finance News Update

West Virginia Gives Up Fight on Independent Expenditure Cap

Wednesday Government Relations News

NJ ELEC Agrees to Injunction Allowing Unrestricted Fundraising

Constitutional Amendment Introduced to Reverse Citizens United

Monday News Roundup

Monday News Roundup

Sen. Bernie Sanders Introduces Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United

Thursday News Roundup

Wednesday Government Relations News

Tuesday Lobbying and Campaign Finance News

Two Proposed Constitutional Amendments to Overturn Citizens United Introduced

Colorado Voters Approve Citizens United Ballot Measure

Montanans Don’t Think Corporations are Human Beings with Constitutional Rights

Monday News Roundup

Supreme Court Justice Scalia Defends Citizens United

Campaign Finance in the News

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Corporations Can Make Independent Expenditures in Montana

Monday Campaign Finance News

Constitutional Amendment Introduced to Reverse Citizens United

Monday News Roundup

Alaska Advisory Opinion Removes Cap for Independent Expenditure Group

Citizens United and Super PACs in the News

Tuesday News Roundup

Campaign Finance and Lobbying News Report

Top Campaign Finance Stories

Citizens United Making the News

Campaign Finance in the News

Lobbying and Campaign Finance in the News

U.S. Sen. John McCain Speaks Out about Campaign Finance

Judge Throws Out Illinois Limits on Contributions to Independent Expenditure Committees

Today’s Campaign Finance and Lobbying News Summary

Vermont Voters Call for Amendment Concerning Corporate Personhood

U.S. Supreme Court Stays Montana Supreme Court Ruling regarding Corporate Independent Expenditures

Montana Case Upholding Corporate Ban on Independent Expenditures Appealed to US Supreme Court

Campaign Finance and Lobbying News

Our Updated Citizens United Report – How the States Are Reacting

Sunlight Foundation Drafting SuperPAC Disclosure Bill

Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Political Contributions from Foreign Residents

States and Cities Respond to Citizens United

Montana Court Blocks Corporate Expenditures

2012 Campaign Spending Expected to Top $100 Million in Michigan

Court Upholds NYC Campaign Finance Laws

NYC Campaign Finance Board Executive Director Testifies about Citizens United

American League of Lobbyists Hosted Discussion on Citizens United

7th Circuit Overturns Wisconsin Independent Expenditure Law

Amendment Excludes Corporations from Rights of Natural Persons

Los Angeles City Council Responds to Citizens United

Constitutional Amendment to Control Campaign Financing

Constitutional Amendment to Reverse Citizens United

Bloomberg News Looks at the Legacy of James Bopp

Montana Supreme Court to Consider Campaign Finance Law

Boulder Rolling Forward With Ballot Measure Against Corporate Personhood

Judge Reaffirms Corporation Political Contributions

Corporate Contribution Ban Found Unconstitutional

Another Victory for Minnesota’s Corporate Campaign Finance Disclosure Law

Citizens United Continues to Raise Questions

Wyoming Lawmakers Propose Campaign Finance Bill

FEC Allows Citizens United to Rent Out Its Mailing List

Supreme Court Declines to Suspend Maine Campaign Finance Law

Montana Corporate Contribution Ban Challenged

National Organization for Marriage Challenges R.I. Campaign Finance Law

DISCLOSE Act Reintroduced and Then Blocked in Senate

Independent Expenditure Reporting Requirements under Attack

Michigan – Pooling of Independent Expenditures Allowed

Wisconsin G.A.B. Settles Issue-Ad Lawsuit

Wisconsin Attorney General Issues Citizens United Opinion

Nola Werren’s Impressions from NCSL 2010

Wyoming Lawmakers Challenge State Election Law

U.S. Senate Fails to Pass DISCLOSE Act

DISCLOSE Act Heads to U.S. Senate Next Week

Citizens United Report Available to the Public