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US Senate Joint Resolution Seeks to Reverse IRS Disclosure Exemption for Certain Tax-Exempt Organizations

Federal Court Overturns PA Ban on Gambling Contributions

U.S. Court of Appeals Upholds IL Contribution Limits

Montana Contribution Limits Reinstated

San Antonio Ethics and Campaign Finance Revisions Move to Council for Approval

LNC File Suit Against FEC: Contribution Limits on Bequests

California Disclose Act Gets Closer to Passage

US House Joint Resolution 113 Proposes Constitutional Amendment for Campaign Finance Regulation

NM Sec. of State Releases Revised Campaign Finance Rule Draft

West Virginia Disclosure Laws Effective in July

Montana Legislature Adjourns

Long Beach, California Repeals Ban on Contributions from Officeholder Funds

Massachusetts Ban on Contributions Upheld

Kentucky’s Governor Signs Campaign Finance Bill

Kentucky Lawmakers Pass Campaign Finance Bill

Kentucky Senate Passes Bill to Double Contribution Limits

Missouri Ethics Commission Issues Advisory Opinions Regarding Constitutional Amendment 2

Oregon Lawmakers to Consider Pay-to-Play Bills

Vermont Increases Contribution Limits

FEC Adjusts Lobbyist Bundling Disclosure Threshold Amount

Let the Fundraising Begin: FEC Publishes Contribution Limits for 2017-2018 Election Cycle

FEC Unable to Agree on Rulemaking Concerning Foreign Influence on Political Spending

Businesses Sue Over Missouri Constitutional Amendment 2

Maine Ethics Commission Proposes Potential Legislation

Ontario Passes Campaign Finance Reform Bill

2016 NCSL State Vote Recaps Campaign Finance Ballot Initiatives

FPPC Approves Amendments to Increase Gift and Campaign Contribution Limits

Gov. Cuomo to Address Ethics Concerns