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Alaska State Senator Resigning

Alaska Adjourns Special Session

Alaska Senate Adjourns from Special Session

Alaska Governor Officially Calls Fourth Special Legislative Session

Alaska Governor Plans Fourth Special Session

Alaska Ballot Initiative Proposed to Limit Gifts from Lobbyists

Alaska to Hold Third Special Session

Alaska Adjourns Second Special Session

Alaska Legislative Session Continues

Alaska Convenes Second Special Session

Alaska Budget Gridlock Threatens to Layoff State Employees

Alaska Government Shutdown Looms as Lawmakers Unable to Compromise

Alaska Legislature Continues in Session

Alaska Lawmakers to Consider Additional Income Tax on Lobbyists

Alaska’s Campaign Finance Limits Upheld as Constitutional

Head of Alaska’s Public Offices Commission Resigns

Alaska Legislature Adjourns Special Session

Special Session in Alaska Impacts Campaign Fundraising

Alaska Legislature Adjourns; Governor Calls for Another Special Session

Alaska Budget Bill Sent to Governor

Special Session Called in Alaska

Alaska Legislature Remains in Session

Alaska Legislature Continues in Session

Alaska Governor Willing to Call Special Legislative Session to Address Budget Deficit

Juneau to Hold Special Election on March 15

APOC Proposes Changes to State Regulations

Alaska State Legislature Adjourns Special Session

Alaska Special Session to Convene October 24

Alaska Governor to Call Special Session

Anchorage Assembly Votes to Return City Elections to April

Alaska State Legislature Passes Budget and Adjourns Special Session

Alaska Governor Calls for Special Session Immediately Following Adjournment

Alaska Governor May Consider Special Legislative Session

U.S. Statehouse Series – Alaska, Land of the Midnight Sun

Alaska Governor-Elect Walker to be Sworn In on December 1

Administrator of Alaska Legislative Ethics Committee Resigns

New Administrator for Alaska Legislative Ethics Committee

Alaska Legislature Adjourns Sine Die

Changes to Alaska Procurement Code Effective Today

Alaska Legislature Passes Elections Bill Before Adjourning

Alaska Legislative Ethics Committee Approves Issue Pledging for Endorsements

Alaska Advisory Opinion Removes Cap for Independent Expenditure Group

Today’s Redistricting News Roundup

Here is the Latest Redistricting News

Alaska House Adjourns

Alaska Senate Adjourns Special Session

The Latest Redistricting News

New Campaign Finance Law for Alaska

Alaska Legislature Makes iPhone App Available

Alaska Online Lobbyist Filing System Will Be Offline for an Hour

APOC Offering Training

Alaskan Lobbyists Can Contribute in New Districts

Alaska Special Session Called Today

Alaska Governor Calls Special Session

Small Procurement Bill Introduced in Alaska

New Executive Director of APOC Appointed

Ballot Measure 1 Fails Decisively