Wednesday’s LobbyComply News Roundup

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Campaign Finance

National: “Libertarians Can Continue Contribution Limits Challenge” by Kayla Goggin for Courthouse News Service

National: “Russia Investigators Likely Got Access to NRA’s Tax Filings, Secret Donors” by Greg Gordon and Peter Stone for McClatchy DC

National: “Federal Officials Struggle to Drag Political Ad Rules into the Internet Age” by Ashley Balcerzak for Center for Public Integrity

Kansas: “Kansas Candidate’s Father Spends $100,000 in Effort to Get Son Elected to Congress” by Bryan Lowry for Kansas City Star


National: “Is This the Year Women Break the Rules and Win?” by Kate Zernike for New York Times

Florida: “Where Does She Live? A Miami Lawmaker’s Bizarre Attempt to Reside in Her District” by Sarah Blaskey and David Smiley for Miami Herald

Illinois: “‘I Snookered Them’: Illinois Nazi candidate creates GOP dumpster fire” by Natasha Korecki for Politico


New York: “Upcoming SCOTUS Case Could Complicate NY Effort to Close Double Jeopardy ‘Loophole’” by Colby Hamilton and Dan Clark for New York Law Journal