Tuesday Lobbying and Campaign Finance News Update

campaign finance, ethics, legislative issues, lobbying
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K StreetLobbying

Lobbyists: ‘Misunderstood’ in poll” by Tal Kopan in Politico.

Campaign Finance

There’s No Way to Follow the Money” by Lee Aitken in The Atlantic.

Arizona: “For all the campaign finance limit marbles” by The Yellow Sheet Report in the Arizona Capitol Times.

Minnesota: “Minn. campaign money regulator promises to fix problems leading to faulty finance data” by The Associated Press in The Republic.


Report: Chinese hackers attacked crucial government election website” on CNN Politics.

Ethics Committee Will Investigate Trey Radel” by Emma Dumain in Roll Call.

Florida: “Ethics commission offers advice on use of office” by Bill Cotterell in The Florida Current.

Legislative Issues

Lackluster Final Score for Congress This Year: 8 to 22” by David Hawkings in Roll Call.

Angry About Partisan Gridlock in Washington? Blame the States.” By Donald F. Kettl in Governing.

Louisiana: “Lawsuit challenging Louisiana’s congressional districts withdrawn” by The Associated Press in The Times-Picayune.

New Jersey: “State legislative panels scramble to advance hundreds of bills” by Michael Phillis and Leslie Brody in the Bergen Record.

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