Thursday’s Government Relations and Ethics News

campaign finance, elections, ethics, lobbying
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Trump’s Pick for a Top Interior Post Has Sued the Agency on Behalf of Powerful California Water Interests” by Bettina Boxall for Los Angeles Times

Campaign Finance

Colorado: “Another Colorado ‘Social Welfare’ Nonprofit Just Got Fined for Improperly Playing in Elections” by Corey Hutchins for Colorado Independent

North Carolina: “Former Lawmaker Who Misspent Campaign Funds Gets 8 Months in Prison” by Anne Blythe for Raleigh News & Observer

Texas: “Pool Proposes Campaign Finance Rule Changes” by Jo Clifton for Austin Monitor


Deputy Attorney General Appoints Special Counsel to Oversee Probe of Russian Interference in Election” by Devlin Barrett, Sari Horwitz, and Matt Zapotosky for Washington Post

The Right Builds an Alternative Narrative About the Crises Around Trump” by Jeremy Peters for New York Times

What Is Obstruction of Justice? An Often-Murky Crime, Explained” by Charlie Savage for New York Times

Canada: “Trudeau Recuses Himself from Appointing New Federal Ethics Watchdog” by The Canadian Press for Toronto Star

Washington: “Seattle Ethics Panel Says No to Legal Fund for Ed Murray” by Daniel Beekman for Seattle Times


New York: “Winner of Vote for ‘I Voted’ Stickers Is Underground Art” by Andy Newman for New York Times